Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Stellar Community

Joannie Fitzwater, Director of Planning for the City of Greenfield
Joannie Fitzwater, Greenfield Planning Director spoke to Kiwanis about the Stellar Region Grant.   Greenfield is a part of the Health and Heritage Region which include the Town of Fortville, the City of Greenfield, and Hancock County.The Health and Heritage Region is the front porch of the eastern parts of the State, welcoming the rural areas to the bustling atmosphere of the state capital and inviting the metropolitan area to enjoy the heritage and charm of our agricultural roots. Our region is focused on promoting and cultivating the health, heritage, and heart of our area.
Some of the Greenfield projects include Broadway Flats apartments, Riley Literary Trail, Homeowner occupied repair projects, an Urban Park, 2 beds in Talitha Koum recovery house, an Inclusive Playground in Franklin Park, and Lizbuth Ann's Kitchen at the Riley Home and Museum 
For a complete look at all of the Health and Heritage Regions project see the website:

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Pennsy Trails of Hancock County

Mary Ann Wietbrock of Pennsy Trails of Hancock County with Louise Thompson of Kiwanis

Mary Ann Wietbrock with The Pennsy Trails of Hancock County spoke to Kiwanis about the organization and their activities. 
The Pennsy Trails of Hancock County Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit run completely by volunteers. Our mission is to encourage the development of a walk/bike trail in Hancock County along the National Road Heritage Trail, and to raise and distribute funds to Hancock County for that sole purpose. We aim to enhance education, funding, and safety on the Pennsy Trail in Hancock County.
Currently, the Pennsy Trail in Hancock County runs only from 600 West to 800 Wes and from  400 East to 150 West  through Greenfield.  The seven miles of trails in Greenfield are a part of the City of Greenfield’s Park and Recreation Department and were developed by the City of Greenfield.  The remainder of the Trail is being  developed by the County and the Pennsy Trails organization. 
The expected impact of the trail extension is to help link all of Central Indiana with an almost 170  mile trail from state line to state line.  It is hoped that expansion of the  trail will improve the health of the communities where the trail is, expand economic activities, and help with wildlife habitat restoration.
If you are interested in more information or wish to contribute to the project  you can go to the website at  or call 317.620.1006.
Wietbrock is a resident of New Palestine, Master Naturalist, Master Gardener, President of Pennsy Trails Group, Community Wildlife Habitat organizer, and Jacob Schramm Nature Preserve Land Steward. She can be reached at

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Howard Kellman, Indianapolis Indians

Barb Kauchak, Past President with Indianapolis Indians Broadcaster Howard Kellman
Howard Kellman, Voice of the Indianapolis Indians, is in his 44th year of broadcasting the Indianapolis Indians.  Mr. Kellman has called over 6,000 Indians games and was inducted into the Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame in 2018. 

The Indianapolis Indians are a professional Minor League Baseball team based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The team plays in the International League. The Triple-A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Indians play at Victory Field in downtown Indianapolis

Mr. Kellman's entertaining program included stories of players and coaches, short explanations of techniques required for different positions in baseball, and a discussion of the potential for players and the Indians for the coming year.  Mr. Kellman quizzed the Kiwanians about Indianapolis Indian players who had gone on to the majors.  The winners of the quiz won 2 tickets to the Indians game of their choice.  Lucky winners were Patric McClarnon, David Spencer and Scott Davis. 

He informed us that our new stadium, Victory Field, will be 23 years old this year.  He credits the excellent condition of the stadium with the fact that the team takes care of the facility and they care for the fans. 

 For more information you can see

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Healthy 365 Part 2

Amanda Hinkle and Amanda Everidge of Healthy 365
Amanda Everidge, Healthy Community Manager and Amanda Hinkle, System of Care Coordinator who spoke to Kiwanis about the Mental Health aspects of Healthy 365 last week returned to discuss the mental health or addiction issues.

Personality Change
  1. More agitated
  2. Withdrawn or isolating self
  3. Problem taking care of self (hygene)
  4. Feels hopeless
If you notice someone with these issues talk to them using these guidelines:
  1. Never wait, ask them now
  2. Be persistent
  3. Talk to the person alone
  4. Allow them to talk freely
  5. Have a resource list handy include a counsleor's name and phone numbers (use pocket referral booklet provided by Health 365)
  6. Allow yourself plenty of time
Use 24 hour hotline if there is an immediate danger of them harming themselves.

Healthy 365 offers QPR and other classes to help you learn and practice these skills.  For more information see their website 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Healthy 365 - Mental Health

Amanda Hinkle and Amanda Everidge of Healthy 365
Healthy 365 is an initiative Hancock Health (formerly Hancock Regional Hospital) to make Hancock County the healthiest county in Indiana.  Amanda Everidge, Healthy Community Manager and Amanda Hinkle, System of Care Coordinator spoke to Kiwanis about the Mental Health aspects of Healthy 365. 
They gave an overview of the Healthy 365 which is divided into:
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Mental Fitness
  • Healthier Choices
  • System of Care  
  • Congregational Network
Mental Health Resources include:
  • QPR training - a free 2 hour class teaching how to help reduce suicides by Questioning, Persuading and Referring.
  • Crisis Intervention Training for law enforcement professionals
  • Mental Health First Aid classes
  • Rise Above it
  • Mental Health and Substance Use Pocket Guide
The conversation will continue next week when Hinkle and Everidge return to Kiwanis to answer questions and explain more about the programs.  For further information see their website 

Kiwanis Day at Lincoln Square

Lincoln Square Pancake House owner Costas Stylianou presents a check from the proceeds of the Kiwanis Pancake Day on February 18 to Patric McClarnon, Club Treasurer. Kiwanians Lori Elmore, Greenfield Clerk-Treasurer and Greenfield Mayor Chuck Fewell look on. 
Kiwanis thanks Costas for his generosity. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Valentines Day Party

The annual Kiwanis Valentines Day Party included games and fun. 

23 red, 23 pink, and 12 silver.

Patic McClarnon, Michelle Spriggs, and David Spencer tied in guessing the correct number of red candies. Michelle broke the tie and won by guessing the correct number of silver.

Barb Kauchak, Julie Dishman, and Carol Reddish were the party chairs.

David Spencer, Cheri Burrow and Mike Burrow won the trivia contest.

Pam and Phil Hayes, Barb and Digby Terry, and Penny and Bill Smith plqayed the Oldyweds game.

Everybody won a prize

Barb and Digby were the longest wedded and the grand prize winners for getting the most correct answers.

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