Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Friends of the Theater

Barb Kauchak, Kiwanis President and Chris VeHorn, Friends of the Theater Board Member
In 2017, the H.J. Ricks Centre for the Arts, a privately owned historic theater at 122 W. Main St. in Greenfield, lost its long-held county funding - a critical source of taxpayer support for the downtown performing arts venue. Fearing the doors might close, the local arts community came together to find a solution. And so, the Friends of the Theater was born.
Chris VeHorn, a Board Member of Friends of the Theater spoke to Kiwanis about the mission of the organization.  Chris Cota VeHorn's  involvement in community theater, both on stage and off, led her to become a part of the Friends of the Theater board. Chris is recently retired from a 31-year teaching career and currently flipping houses. She is excited to have a part in the preservation and maintenance of this wonderful asset in our community.
The H.J Ricks Centre for the Arts, formerly the Village Movie Theater, was donated to the community for civic purposes.  The theater is used by Crazy Lake Acting Company, George and Icy Vaughn Scholarship, Ricks Weil Theater Company, Kids Play, Inc., Wilkerson Dance Studio, and Dance East Ballet Co.    The Centre is also available for other purposes on a rental basis. 
The first three restoration projects are: Restoration and repair of the marquee sign which includes rewiring and replacing lighting with LED; fixing a buckling exterior wall; and replacing 45 chairs and repairing 100 chairs in the auditorium.  Much of the backstage area also needs painting . 
To support the restoration and maintenance efforts go to .

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Riley Old Home Society

Dave Crider, President of the Riley Old Home Society spoke to Kiwanis about current projects with the Society.  David joined the Board of the Society in 2013 and became President of the Society in 2016.
Crider oversaw the review and update of the the Bylaws of the Society and Operating agreement with the City of Greenfield.
Lizabuth Ann's Kitchen was a garage behind the old Mitchel home that now houses the Museum.  It was converted into a seasonal use space for meetings with a single bathroom and limited kitchen.  This occurred in the late 1970's almost 50 years ago. It was determined that a new facility with better seating capacity, two bathrooms, and up to date kitchen facilities should be built.  In the process it was determined that the new kitchen would be joined to the Museum in a way that would make the Museum ADA accessible.  The fundraising is nearing completion and the project should be completed in 2019.  Persons who wish to contribute to this project  can send their check to the Riley Old Home Society, P.O. Box 1068, Greenfield, Indiana  46140 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Christmas Auction

The club raised $1,331 at the Christmas party auction last week.

Kristin Vahle, Peace Corps Volunteer

Kristin Vahle, a Greenfield Native and Peace Corps Volunteer spoke to Kiwanis about her experiences serving in Rwanda.  She served in the Peace Corps from May, 2016 until August, 2018.  
The Peace Corps was founded in 1961 by President John Kennedy to provide trained people to countries needing them and also to promote understanding between the people of the nation being served and the people of the  United States.
46 percent of the Peace Corp activity is in Africa.  The activities are 41% Educational and 20% in Health Services.  Those are the services she worked at in Rwanda, a country about 1/3 the size of Indiana with 13 million people.  She discussed the economy, agriculture, culture, crafts, dance, animals, and agriculture of the country, 
Her work was primarily in the area of Maternal and Child Health.  Much of her work was in prevention of malnutrition.  She accomplished this by providing food and food powders, gardening instructions, and nutrition information, 
Since returning from the Peace Corp she is working on obtaining a Masters in Public Health.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Christmas Party 2018

A good friend made it back to club

Martie Crider, Barb Kauchak, Julie Dishman and Marcy Hoffman  The Committee

Lyman fighting the urge to try'em on
Ckick here to see all of the photo's from the Christmas Party

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Kiwanis President Gerry Smith with Jill Snyder, Business and Economic Director for Ninestar Connect
Jill Snyder, Business &. Economic Development Director for Ninestar Connect spoke to Kiwanis about the Idea Co-op at Ninestar.   The Co-op's purpose to toe enable entrepreneurs, small business people, and mobile workers to co-work, collaborate, and connect.  The five point mission is:

  • Attract and retain technical talent in the area
  • Create a co-working space
  • Create an education center
  • Be an IoT (Internet of Things) lab focused on Agrotech, the Utility Industry, and Home Autmation
  • Create a Makers space with 3D printing, Drone technology, and Virtual Reality
Some of the features of the facility include:
  •  30,000 square foot facility
  • Education Center
  • Gigabit internet
  • 17 acre campus
  • Greenspace
  • Accessible 
  • Outdoor deck
  • Indoor fitness Center
For more information see ideacoop,com or Facebook Idea Co-op

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