Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Dr. Lori Sanford, Dermatologist

Dr. Lori Sanford with Julie Dishman, Kiwanis president,

Dr. Lori Sanford, a dermatologist at Hancock Regional Hospital and the VA Medical Center in Indianapolis answered questions about skincare and melanoma. She recommends skin checks and screenings to men over 50, people who use tanning beds a lot, and anyone with a family history of melanoma.
She recommends sunscreen lotion with an SPF of over 30 that is water-resistant and broad-spectrum.
She passed out a skin cancer self-exam guideline with the ABCDE's of melanoma. A is for Asymmetry where one-half a mole is different from the other. B is for border where the mole has an irregular or poorly defined border. C is for color where the mole varies from one area to another, D is for diameter where melanomas are usually greater than 6mm (the size of a pencil eraser). E is for evolving where a mole oir lesion is changing in size, color or shape,
For more information contact Dr. Sanford's office (317) 967-7921 or see the website

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Kiwanis Halloween Party

New Members

David and Karen Wise were welcomed as new members of Kiwanis by President Julie Dishman.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Nameless Creek Youth Camp

Martha Haynes, Director of NCYC Pin Camp, Julie Dishman, Kiwanis President; and Barb Kauchak, NCYC Board

Martha Haynes, Director of Nameless Creek Youth Camp PIN Camp spoke to Kiwanis about PIN Camp.  PIN stands for Plug Into Nature.  The purpose of the PIN camp is to provide third through fifth graders with the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors without any electronic devices. Students who participated came from all four Hancock County School systems. 
NCYC Volunteers clean the camp before the camp begins.  High School students serve as counselors.  New Pal United Methodist Church prepared the food. Ross Yoder provided a program on Stranger Danger. Fire Cadets provided gear for Fire Gear races.  Mozzi Pizza provided Pizza for the last day of Camp.
Activities included making tie dye shirts, swinging, jump rope, making bird houses, walking through the woods  Ga Ga Pit (like dodge ball), creating a banner with hand painting. Programs on recycling and reuse were provided.  A birder presented a program on bird identification. 
The actual cost per student is $100.  Each student's cost is $70 without any scholarships. Scholarships are provided on a need basis.  Kiwanis is a  sponsor.  If you are interested in providing sponsorship  you can contact the camp at 317-649-4154 or

New Members

LR: Sponsor,Tom Beagle; New Members, Marcy and Mitch Carl; Sponsor Terry Beagle

LR: New Member, Mary Watkins; Sponsors Kevin and Margaret Selmier

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Hancock Children's Library

Hancock County Public Library Employess:Kiwanian Stephanie Haines, Cathy Riley, and Kiwanian Barb Roark

Cathy Riley, Youth Services Manager at Hancock County Public Library spoke to Kiwanis about the services provided to children at the Library. Riley received her degree from Indiana State University, her graduate degree from Indiana University, and worked at libraries in Morgan and Tippecanoe counties before coming to Hancock County. She is a librarian as is her mother, father, sister, and her sister married a librarian.
November will feature a Teddy Bear Clinic, where a medical visit is simulated on the stuffed animal brought by toddlers, This helps the children to become acquainted with the procedures without the anxiety. 
Other programs include: Kidsville in conjunction with Greenfield Banking Company; Battle of the Books where children prepare for a quiz game; Story Time which occurs 8 times a week at Greenfield and 4 times a week at New Palestine; and School break special performances.
The Summer Reading program helps keep reading skills at grade level during the break and had a 66% completion rate.
Ms. Riley thanked Kiwanis for their birthday book program where a Kiwanian donates a book or books on their birthday. For more information of to see a schedule see

President-Elect David Spencer

David Spencer was installed as the President-Elect of Greenfield Kiwanis by President Julie Dishman

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