Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chief Jester talks to Kiwanis

John Jester, Greenfield Chief of Police, spoke to Greenfield Kiwanis recently. He explained that he has 38 officers (one female officer), and one undercover detective on his staff. There are currently three narcotics officers counting sheriff and state police in the community working drug trafficking along I-70. Ten officers serve voluntarily on a SWAT team. Unfortunately crime problems in Hancock County have become more serious.

Many juvenile crimes have slowed due to stringent curfew laws. Home invasions have increased and criminals have become bolder in the area. Hard drugs are not as large a problem in Greenfield as in other areas but pills have become a bigger problem. Gang involvement is seen as minimal so far.

The Department is constantly working on image. The Shop with A Cop program helps show a kinder side of the law. Also, a Citizen’s Academy to educate adults into how police procedure works has generated community support for the department.

One of the best items added for use by the department is the “Dash Cam.” Putting video recorders in each car provides proof of activities that make for better understanding for families of offenders.

Contact the Greenfield Police Department at 477-4410 if you are interested in volunteering to help “Shop With A Cop” or to make a monetary donation.

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