Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hancock County Children's Theater

Pam Johnson, director of the Hancock County Children’s Theater, spoke to Kiwanis.  She thanked Kiwanis for their long time support.  The theater group was originally formed in 1987 and included students in grades 5 through 8 at the four Hancock County schools.  Students apply to be part of the group and receive recommendations from their teachers and parents.  They may apply to be part of the art or music side of the production.  While the purpose was to provide creative outlet for artistic and musically talented students, the side benefit was for students from the county schools to get to know and appreciate one another in a non-competitive format.  The group consists of 150 students and six/seven staff members.  The schools originally financed the production but due to cut back of school funds, the theater now counts on sponsorships by groups and organizations to help defray costs.  Students are in charge of production, lighting, scenery, programs, costumes and all parts of the show.  All participants learn much during the month of June and along with knowledge gained, memories are made for a lifetime.  The shows are given on two nights and are double cast to give more students a chance to shine.  Approximately 1500 proud parents, grandparents and friends attend.  Watch for the next production in June 2011.

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