Thursday, June 23, 2011

Balanced School Calendar


From left; Ann Vail was introduced by Kristin Fewell to speak about the new school calendar

Ann Vail, Assistant Superintendant of Greenfield Central Schools, spoke to Kiwanis about the new “Balanced School Calendar”. The calendar, which is required by state law to contain 180 days of school for students, will now have the school year divided evenly into four quarters. There will be 90 days in each semester. The first semester will end before Christmas break. After listening to parent comments, she feels the chosen calendar is as close as possible to matching requirements and parent concerns. While not everyone is happy about starting school on August 1, she thinks that the two week breaks in October, December and March will help make up for the August early start. Snow or make-up days are included into the first week of vacations but the second week will be left for vacation planning. Most other traditional breaks will remain with Labor Day off and the two day Thanksgiving break the same. Summer break will be eight weeks.

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