Friday, August 5, 2011

Kirsten Clevenger, Physical Therapist

Kirsten Clevenger, Physical Therapist, spoke to Kiwanis recently.  Kirsten has a degree in Physical Therapy and Physical Education and spoke about fall prevention.   Fall prevention is important at any age but especially to people 65 or older as 60% of fall-related deaths occur among people 65 and older.  More than one-third of adults 65+ fall each year.  The causes range from unsafe living environment, medications, muscle weakness, and vision problems to balance problems.  Prevention can begin with a regular exercise program.  Balance and coordination exercises should be included in any program to help strengthen and improve the ability to prevent falls.  The program should be approved by a doctor before beginning.  Vision should be checked and making the home safer by keeping the floor free of items that can cause tripping (paper, books, shoes and small throw rugs) should help.  Home areas should be well lit.  Hand rails on both sides of stairs and good lighting on all stairways is important.  These are just a few of the suggestions given to improve safety for any age.

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