Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden of Eatin

Chris Dobbins Guill, the founder of  “The Garden of Eatin” with Judy Crist, Program Chair of Kiwanis and a member of the board of the Butler Soyup Kitchen.

Chris Dobbins Guill, the founder of  “The Garden of Eatin”, a non-profit organization promoting health and wellbeing for those in need, spoke to Kiwanis about the garden project.   

The Garden of Eatin started as a half-acre garden plot of Guill’s property to supply the Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen and the Hancock County Food Pantry with freshly grown and frozen produce.  The garden has expanded to an acre this year.  Volunteers plant, tend, harvest and preserve the produce from the plot.  Donors provide the equipment and supplies needed.  

Guill was previously employed as a nutritionist and believes that a garden provides the food insecure with the better quality of food as well as providing for some activity in the gardening process.  

Further information or volunteer opportunities can be found at 

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