Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kiwanians Jim and Susan Cherry

Meet Your Kiwanian featured Jim and Susan Cherry.  Jim and Susan are lifelong residents of Hancock County.  Jim is the fourth generation to live and farm here.  Susan is the fifth generation.  Jim graduated from Hancock Central High School and Susan graduated Charlottesville.  They met and began dating while in high school. 
Jim and Susan have two sons.  The entire family farms about 3,000 acres.  A unique aspect of their farming is their joint venture with Elanco to farm land and donate the receipts from the 50 acres farmed to the Food Resource Bank.  All of the seed, chemicals and labor are donated for the 50 acres.  The Food Resource bank tries to increase crop productivity through education.  They are fighting hunger by collaboration with countries that need help and are teaching better methods and techniques for farming.   
Jim and Susan have been married for forty-eight years and attend the Willow Branch United Methodist Church.

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