Thursday, December 5, 2013

Food Pantry Report

Dick Kent and Nancy Kent were introduced to Kiwanis by
Kiwanian Susan Broome.

Nancy Kent, from the Food Pantry, spoke to Kiwanis recently.  She emphasized that everyone working at the Pantry is a volunteer.  She told new members that the Pantry started with five or six boxes of groceries and over the years has expanded to include many more families.  The number of families served was 525 until recently when the number expanded to over 700 families being served in each of the last two months. 
        Nancy said contrary to popular belief that Hancock County did not have a hunger problem; one in five children go to bed hungry and in Hancock County 845 children between the ages of 1 to 17 are often hungry. 
        There is also an increase in elderly people needing help and they are the group least likely to be able to change their situation.  The pantry serves 180 people over 65. 
        Another increase includes the newly poor, due to loss of jobs and running out of savings and unemployment compensation.  Nancy said the comment she hears often is “I just never thought I would ever come to a food pantry”.  While sad to have to make use of the pantry, everyone is so appreciative and thankful for the help.  The pantry is serving all of Hancock County.

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