Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Young Children Priority One

Theresa Lueder, Director of Andis Womens and Children's Unit of Hancock Regional Hospital told Kiwanis about the Kiwanis International Program, "Young Children Priority One" (YCPO).  Lueder also serves as the hospital’s Director of Clinical Education.  YCPO is supported by the local Kiwanis club. Young Children Priority One focuses on children prenatal through age 5 through four areas:
  • ·         maternal and child health
  • ·         child care and development
  • ·         parent education and support
  • ·         safety and pediatric trauma
The local club prints information sheets, purchases folders, and assembles new parent folders distributed to each new parent.  So far this year 284 babies were born at Hancock Regional. 
The folders include information on avoiding shaken baby syndrome, providing a safe sleeping environment, and proper use of car seats.
YCPO club chair, Terry Beagle expressed her gratitude to local attorney Tom Billings for his help and the Walgreens for providing the folders at their cost.


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