Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Voice of the Indianapolis Indians

Barb Kauchak, Kiwanis President with Howard Kellman, Voice of the Indianapolis Indians
Howard Kellman, Voice of the Indianapolis Indians, returned to Kiwanis to ask Trivia questions and talk about past Indians and other baseball players.  Kellman visited the club in 2016 and 2017 and provided an entertaining evening again, 
He began his presentation noting that the MLB season begins in two days and that "the hope of spring days often ends in the nights of summer,"
The Indians organized in 1902, are affiliated for the second time with the National League, Pittsburgh Pirates.  The Pirates were the affiliated from 1948 until 1951 and again starting in 2005.   The Indians lead the minor league teams in paid attendance.  
Kellman stated that umpires begin each game by saying, "play ball not work ball."
Kellman played a trivia game with the club members and then spoke about players on request.  He spoke about Carl Erskine, Roger Maris, George Foster, Roberto Clemente, Razor Shines, Johnny Bench, Mike Schmidt, Dave Concepcion, Gil Hodges, and Roy Campenella.  
Kellman ended his presentation with, "Let's play ball."
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