Tuesday, April 10, 2018

PACE Pro Active Criminal Enforcement

Nick Ernstes with the Hancock County Sheriff's Department told Kiwanis about the criminal interdiction joint task force that helps remove criminals and criminal activity from Central Indiana.  The Pro Active Criminal Enforcement (PACE) group patrols interstates and areas surrounding them looking for traffic violations that sometimes indicate criminal activity.  Deputy Ernstes worked 2,500 cases in the past 20 years.  His partner is a dog trained to find drugs.
In many cases the drivers of the vehicles do own the vehicle or the contents.  Regardless they are in possession of the contents.   In many cases bags of drugs and cash are hidden in different sections of the vehicle and detected by the dog.  In addition to drugs credit card skimming operations are also targeted by the PACE group,
The group is funded by the forfeitures of cash and personal property seized in the arrests.  The group cooperates with Homeland Security and the Secret Service.  

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