Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Healthy 365 Part 2

Amanda Hinkle and Amanda Everidge of Healthy 365
Amanda Everidge, Healthy Community Manager and Amanda Hinkle, System of Care Coordinator who spoke to Kiwanis about the Mental Health aspects of Healthy 365 last week returned to discuss the mental health or addiction issues.

Personality Change
  1. More agitated
  2. Withdrawn or isolating self
  3. Problem taking care of self (hygene)
  4. Feels hopeless
If you notice someone with these issues talk to them using these guidelines:
  1. Never wait, ask them now
  2. Be persistent
  3. Talk to the person alone
  4. Allow them to talk freely
  5. Have a resource list handy include a counsleor's name and phone numbers (use pocket referral booklet provided by Health 365)
  6. Allow yourself plenty of time
Use 24 hour hotline if there is an immediate danger of them harming themselves.

Healthy 365 offers QPR and other classes to help you learn and practice these skills.  For more information see their website 

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