Tuesday, May 7, 2013

State Rep. Bob Cherry - Fellow Kiwanian

State Representative Bob Cherry reported to the Kiwanis Club on the recently completed legislative session.  Cherry is the House Budget Sub-Committee Chair on the Ways and Means Committee, a position that places him in charge of the main budget bills during the session.
The biennial budget adopted provides:
·         An additional $215 million per year for state and local roads and bridges.
·         2% increase in K-12 funding for 2014.
·         The largest tax cut in history by reducing income tax by 5% , eliminating the inheritance tax, and reducing financial institutions and corporate income taxes.
In addition to the budget Vocational education was enhanced by the creation of the Indiana Career Council.  Another bill enhances the college and career readiness of graduating high school students with college and career readiness assessment.  The Farmland Tax Relief Act will save famers an estimated $57 million is property taxes. 
If you would like to contact Rep. Cherry he can be contacted by email at  H53@IN.Gov or on the web at

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