Tuesday, August 28, 2018

David Heller, Star of stage

David Heller, retired Principal at Mt. Vernon with Steve Burt, retired Weston Principal,

Dave Heller, a local retired educator and lifelong resident of Hancock County, entertained Kiwanis with various Hancock County facts and personal trivia.  Mr.Heller first appeared on stage in Greenfield in 1943 at age 3 and said his only other time on stage was at Ex Caliber in Las Vegas. 
Among the facts shared by Mr. Heller were the most common birthdate in Northern Hemisphere is September13 and in the Southern Hemisphere is March 13.  The least common birthdays in the United States are Christmas Day and the Fourth of July.
Harry Truman, President of the United States gave a speech in Greenfield in October, 1948.  Dave had to gain permission of his Republican father to attend.
Dave told us that at one time there were restaurants on every corner in Greenfield.  One, Faris  Lunch was a stag establishment that specialized in wet tenderloins and brain sandwiches.  He remembered that there were spittoons everywhere including the bank.  In 1958, Dave met his wife at Crider’s Drive In. 
Many notables were mentioned including the late Jack New who served as Chief of Staff for the Governor and was State Treasurer; Dick Strickland, grocer who delivered to your home; and National Defense Attorney Melvin Belli.

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