Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Hancock County Public Library

Barb Roark, Assistant Director of the Hancock County Public Library and Kiwanian
Bard Roark updated her fellow Kiwanians about the activity at the Library.  The youth summer reading program enrolled over 1,000 children who read over 800,000 minutes over the summer.  She noted that the Kiwanis Club of Greenfield began donating children's books 10 years ago to the Library and over that 10 years we have donated 818 books valued at $8,408.  The first book to be donated in 2008 was Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy.
The book was donated by the late Nancy King who was a Past President of Kiwanis. Kiwanians since then have donated children's books to the library in the month of their birthday. 

The Library is adding a new building in New Palestine to house the New Pal branch.  The new building will have a separate children's section and a larger meeting room.  The building will be owned by the Library rather the former space which was rented.   The children's section in Greenfield saw the large ship sail away and it was replaced with buildings for the children to play in including one labeled Dr. Rea Building in honor of the donor who provided money for the children's room and the New Pal building. 

The Friends of the Library will be conducting their book sale August 16-20 at the main library.

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