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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Voter Redistricting

Kathy Richardson, State Representative from Noblesville, presented Kiwanis members with a program about redistricting.  She was appointed to the committee by the Speaker of the House.  She was a caucus chairperson and has had experience as a county clerk.  She has been involved in government issues for 30 years.  The redistricting is based on the 2010 census.  Congressional areas can not vary by more than one person.  The new map will take effect 7/1/11.  Then, local districts will have to be rebalanced.  Hancock County will be represented by three members instead of two.  These representatives are Bob Cherry, Brian Bosma and Sean Eberhart.  Senator Gard’s area will change and include Hancock County as well as a small part of Marion and Shelby counties.

Patrick McDaniel, New Kiwanian

New member, Patrick McDaniel, was the featured “Meet Your Kiwanian” for the month of June. Program chairs for June were Cheryl Bruns and Kristin Fewell.

McDaniel told his history as a Hancock County resident. He attended Purdue University and majored in Forestry. After graduation, he worked for the park services in Minnesota, Wyoming, and Florida. Florida was his least favorite because “everything there wants to bite”.

A second career was in ministry and after graduating again, he lead the Greenfield Church of Christ. He is now on his third career working in pre-planning for Stillinger Funeral Home. After working around the country, he finds home is best.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

2011 Scholarship Winners

From left; Erin Komornik, Sarah Mueller, Bethany Sickle, Eastern Hancock students receive $1,000 Kiwanis Scholarship checks from Bob Gullion, president.

Erin Komornik, former Eastern Hancock high school graduate and present Depauw student, received a $1,000 scholarship check and read her winning essay to Kiwanis members at the recent meeting. She received the Bill Griffing science scholarship to study Kinesiology (exercise science).

Sarah Mueller received the Robert Eagleston Business scholarship. She plans to study Agri-economics/business at Purdue University.

Bethany Sickle received the J.B. Stephens Education award. She plans to attend Anderson University and study Elementary Education.

Kiwanis is proud to award these scholarships recognizing outstanding students. The girls read their winning essays about the importance of community service to Kiwanis.

Kiwanis is one of few groups that consider college students for scholarship awards. Most are given to graduating seniors but college students are encouraged to apply.

Dictionaries for Third Graders

Kiwanis member Dan Riley (center) shows Karen Kleine and President Bob Gullion a dictionary similar to dictionaries presented to all third grade students in Hancock County schools.  The dictionaries were purchased with a grant written by Kristin Fewell and awarded by the Hancock County Foundation

Balanced School Calendar


From left; Ann Vail was introduced by Kristin Fewell to speak about the new school calendar

Ann Vail, Assistant Superintendant of Greenfield Central Schools, spoke to Kiwanis about the new “Balanced School Calendar”. The calendar, which is required by state law to contain 180 days of school for students, will now have the school year divided evenly into four quarters. There will be 90 days in each semester. The first semester will end before Christmas break. After listening to parent comments, she feels the chosen calendar is as close as possible to matching requirements and parent concerns. While not everyone is happy about starting school on August 1, she thinks that the two week breaks in October, December and March will help make up for the August early start. Snow or make-up days are included into the first week of vacations but the second week will be left for vacation planning. Most other traditional breaks will remain with Labor Day off and the two day Thanksgiving break the same. Summer break will be eight weeks.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

County Extension Educator

Roy Ballard (center) answers questions from Kiwanian Denny Chapman (left) and Dan Riley.

Roy Ballard, County Agent with the Purdue Extension Office, spoke to Kiwanis. He explained that the County Agent is a very busy person who deals with many programs and promotes activities such as Health and Human Sciences, 4-H, Master Gardener Program, SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education), Farmers Market, Agri-tourism and working with the Hancock County Solid Waste Management to mention just a few. He answers questions from people about lawn care, pesticides, tree problems and how to get rid of moles (you don’t). He advises farmers on organic farming. He advised a way to save Ash trees (expensive but worth it for a tree on your lot but probably not cost efficient for whole woods). Contact him at the Extension Office for further details. He told that there is a new federal law which will certify and audit all farmers as Safe Producers of safe food. For questions or more details contact Roy Ballard at

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