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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Maura Hutchinson, Truly Irish-American

Susie Broome with Maura Hutchinson
Susie Broome and Susie Billings (the Susies) worked with Maura Hutchinson at St. Michael's in the cafeteria when she was the manager of the school cafeteria.  They invited her to tell Kiwanis about her Irish heritage.

Maura's father and mother came to New York in the United States where Maura was born, a dual citizen of both countries.  The returned to Ireland after some time where Maura finished her education.  She became a Social worker and then moved to Indianapolis, and  eventually to Greenfield.  Maura talked about her experiences and life in  Ireland and the tours she conducts back to Ireland in conjunction with CIE Tours.

G-C Key Club make birthday bags

The Greenfield-Central Key Club assembled birthday bags at their meeting to donate to the Hancock County Food Pantry.  Michelle Marler and her students are shown with their birthday bags.  A birthday bag contains cake mix, icing, candles and plates for making children's birthday cakes.  The Hancock County Food Pantry distributes the bags to families who have registered their children aged 12 and younger so that all children can have a birthday cake.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Meals on Wheels

Lynda Kosh, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels and Michelle Spriggs, Kiwanis MOW Coordinator
Lynda Kosh has been Executive Director of Meals on Wheels since May, 2019 spoke to Kiwanis about the program.  Kiwanis provides drivers for a route each Tuesday

In 2019 Meals on Wheels (MOW) delivered 25,000 meals in Hancock County.  The program started in Hancock County in 2001.  70-81 people are served each weekday and 48 receive weekend meals.
It is hoped that the number of nutrition related hospital visits can be reduced by providing meals on a daily basis.

Along with the meal delivery the volunteers reduce social isolation by providing someone to visit with the clients.  The delivery also allows the volunteers to assure that the client is able to answer the door to receive the meal.

2 meals, one hot and one cold can be delivered each day for $7.50 or $5.00 for the hot meal only.  Subsidies based on income are available, 55% of the clients are on a subsidy.   The meals are prepared and packed at the hospital.  Service is provided to Shirley and Wilkinson 3 days a week.
There are no age restrictions for Meals on Wheels.  Currently the youngest client is 29 years old.  Doctors can write a script for meals that meet dietary restrictions.

The program is supported by United Way and fundraising.   For more information on  the program or to apply for meals see or call 317-477-4345. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Senior Services

Kit Paternoster of Hancock County Senior Services with Julie Dishman Kiwanis President

Kit Paternoster,Volunteer Coordinator with Hancock County Senior Services spoke to Kiwanis about the many services provided by Senior Services.  Kit grew up an an Eastsider, moved to New England, was a Psychotherapist, and moved back to Indiana in 2003. She joined Senior Services in 2012.

Senior Services most widely known service is providing transportation.  The HART, Hancock Area Rural Transport provides transportation within the county.  For more information on HART see  

Other services provided include:
  • Information and referral services
  • Handyman services 
  • Homemaker services including house cleaning  
  • Respite care for caregivers
  • Telephone reassurance program
  • Visiting volunteers
  • Stae Health Insurance Program 
  • Group volunteers who provide services to seniors
  • Senior Law project
  • Commodities supplemental food program
  • Ladies day out
  • Parkinson's Support Group
  • High School student and Senior activities during school year 
  • Tax form preparation by appointment 
  • Women's Health Group
The Senior Services has a Bingo Fundraiser at the Hancock County Fairgrounds on April 20, 2020.
For more information on any of the programs see or call 317.462.3758

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Kiwanis Valentines Party

Red Velvet Cupcakes made by Judy Crist greeted members at their tables.

A version of the newlywed game was played by Kiwanians Drew and Judy Mulligan, Bob Bogigian and Ellen Manolopoulus, and Jim and Susan Cherry

Some couple did not always agree,  Shown here Jim and Susan Cherry .  

A contest in which a panel had to be matched with their favorite actor or actress.  The panel was Steve Burt, Paul Roark, Dan Riley, Diane Osborne, Sue True and Jeane Willis.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Howard Kellman Indianapolis Indians Announcer

Indianapolis Indians Radio Announcer, Howard Kellman entertained the Kiwanis Club with  stories about the Indians and players.  Mr. Kellman has been broadcasting the Indians for the past 40 years,

Kellman related stories of Hall of Fame baseball players who had played for the Indians in the past. Players included Larry Walker and Randy Johnson,   He also mentioned that Bob Uecker played for the Indians but was in the Hall of Fame as a broadcaster. 

He related information about the upcoming season including the changes to Victory Field, rules changes, and the first game, April 9 against the Toledo Mud Hens. 

For more information on the Indians see

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Mental Health Partners of Hancock County

Kim Hall, Director of Mental Health Partners of Hancock County with Julie Dishman, Kiwanis President
Kim Hall, Director of Mental Health Partners of Hancock County spoke to Kiwanis about her organization and it's activities. 
The Mental Health Partners (MHP) provides counseling, navigation backpacks, acts as a advocate navigators to those needing resources, hosts groups for suicide survivors, help those addicted in a recovery house, and provides a gift lift for nursing home residents who may not otherwise receive a  Christmas gift.
MHP can use your support by donating items for navigation backpacks and personal care boxes.  Items needed include toothpaste, combs/brushes, deodorant, soap/body wash, shampoo and conditioner,  hand lotion, chap stick, Kleenex, razors, shaving cream, wash clothes, toilet paper, feminine products, puzzle books, paper, notebooks, pencils, pen, cards, hats and gloves, flashlights and batteries, laundry soap, dryer sheets, and dish soap.
MHP also hosts the Pennsy Trail Art Fair and Music Festival which is July 25, 2020 as a fundraising event.  You can direct questions or contributions to their office is located in the Memorial Building , 98 East North Street, or call 317.462.2877.  The website is  They are also listed on Facebook. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Regreening Greenfield

Al and Sally Parson of Regreening Greenfield
Sally Parsons spoke to Greenfield Kiwanis about the history and purpose of Regreening of Greenfield.  Regreening attempts to keep the tree canopy of the City of Greenfield attractive, healthy and growing by planting, trimming, watering, and mulching trees in the tree plots of the city.  In addition they distribute free trees and planting advice.

Regreening was established during Mayor Keith McClarnon's administration with the leadership of  Marciann McClarnon and her classroom students.  Since then thousands of trees have been inventoried, planted, pruned and watered in the city.  Sally noted that trees are a part of the city infrastructure providing not only beauty but erosion control and storm water retention.

Sally noted that in addition to the Emerald Ash borer which is devastating ash trees and their relatives there are three new threats to trees:
  1. The Asian longhorn beetle which damages maple family trees, birches, Ohio buckeyes, elms and horse chestnut.
  2. Spotted Lantern fly which damages trees when they feed sucking sap from stems and branches.
  3. Thousand cankers disease which attacks the Walnut family,
Google these to see pictures for identification,  If you suspect you see them report them to Purdue at

She also noted that many trees die as a result of volcano mulching which enourages moisture around the base of the tree above the root line.

Regreening needs volunteers to help them with their work.  Adults and high school age students can find volunteer opportunities at their Facebook page.  They also need funds to help them with a matching grant they received to inventory trees.
Click here to go to the Regreening Page

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Greenfield-Central School Foundation

Ginny Brown of the Greenfield-Central School Foundation spoke to Kiwanis about the Foundation and it's programs.   The Foundation was started in 1988 as the Set A Good Example Foundation.  It became Greenfield-Central School Foundation in 2012.   The Foundation became GCSF after recognizing both the need and the opportunity to provide stronger financial support to the school corporation as a whole.

The programs include Enrichment Grants which fund programs like "Girls on the Run", an intermediate school program that helps to empower young women. 

Other programs include

Some of the grants funds programs such as:
  • Archeology Club
  • Vex Robotics
  • Purchasing books for a classroom library
  • Project Arrow, where High School mentors help Junior High students.  Participation in this program increase the likelihood of  participants graduating by 70 percent.
  • STEM nights
  • Literacy Nights
  • Kindergarten 101 for students who did not attend pre-school before Kindergarten.
The major fund-raising event is the Red Letter Gala.   For more information on donating or about the Foundation or it's programs see

Kiwanis Family Love activity

This event is for all members and their guests/parents of Kiwanis, Circle K, Key Club, Builders Club, K-Kids, and Golden K. 
Kiwanis Murder Mystery at Conner Prairie, Saturday, January 25. RSVP:INCKI.ORG/KFL2020
or RSVP:…

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Mason Miller, Yo You Club

Mason Miller with his Kiwanan grandmother Sandy Miller.

Mason Miller, 11 year old student at Maxwell Intermediate School, amazed the Kiwanis club with his Yo Yo skills on Tuesday.  Mason is a member of K-Kids, Student Council and the Hancock County Children's Choir.   He is also the founder of the Yo Yo Club.

Mason became interested in Yo Yo's when he was playing Trivial Pursuit and a question about Yo Yo tricks got hiom interested in the sport.  Mason is self taught on the 17 Yo Yo's he owns.  He watches the tricks and techniques on You Tube and then practices.  His skills amazed the club members as he "walked the dog" and performed "the Eiffel Tower."
The YoYo Club was started in December with 9 members at the first meeting.  Mason had obtained 15 Basic Yo Yo's from the Yo Yo Factory, a manufacturer who wants to promote the sport. The next club meeting will be February 1 at 11:30 am at Hometown Comics,

Bill Reddish

Please keep Carol and the Reddish family in your thoughts and prayers.

William "Bill" Reddish

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