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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Christmas Auction

The club raised $1,331 at the Christmas party auction last week.

Kristin Vahle, Peace Corps Volunteer

Kristin Vahle, a Greenfield Native and Peace Corps Volunteer spoke to Kiwanis about her experiences serving in Rwanda.  She served in the Peace Corps from May, 2016 until August, 2018.  
The Peace Corps was founded in 1961 by President John Kennedy to provide trained people to countries needing them and also to promote understanding between the people of the nation being served and the people of the  United States.
46 percent of the Peace Corp activity is in Africa.  The activities are 41% Educational and 20% in Health Services.  Those are the services she worked at in Rwanda, a country about 1/3 the size of Indiana with 13 million people.  She discussed the economy, agriculture, culture, crafts, dance, animals, and agriculture of the country, 
Her work was primarily in the area of Maternal and Child Health.  Much of her work was in prevention of malnutrition.  She accomplished this by providing food and food powders, gardening instructions, and nutrition information, 
Since returning from the Peace Corp she is working on obtaining a Masters in Public Health.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Christmas Party 2018

A good friend made it back to club

Martie Crider, Barb Kauchak, Julie Dishman and Marcy Hoffman  The Committee

Lyman fighting the urge to try'em on
Ckick here to see all of the photo's from the Christmas Party

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Kiwanis President Gerry Smith with Jill Snyder, Business and Economic Director for Ninestar Connect
Jill Snyder, Business &. Economic Development Director for Ninestar Connect spoke to Kiwanis about the Idea Co-op at Ninestar.   The Co-op's purpose to toe enable entrepreneurs, small business people, and mobile workers to co-work, collaborate, and connect.  The five point mission is:

  • Attract and retain technical talent in the area
  • Create a co-working space
  • Create an education center
  • Be an IoT (Internet of Things) lab focused on Agrotech, the Utility Industry, and Home Autmation
  • Create a Makers space with 3D printing, Drone technology, and Virtual Reality
Some of the features of the facility include:
  •  30,000 square foot facility
  • Education Center
  • Gigabit internet
  • 17 acre campus
  • Greenspace
  • Accessible 
  • Outdoor deck
  • Indoor fitness Center
For more information see ideacoop,com or Facebook Idea Co-op

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Meet Your Kiwanians

Kiwanians were introduced to three of their newest members, Clara Starkey,  and Penny and Bill Smith.   Clara is employed with Edward D. Jones and Company and has been active in Kiwanis youth clubs both in high school and college. Clara shared about her job, family, church and Kiwanis family experiences. Penny Smith is a nurse and Bill was in the Air Force and an engineer.  They shared their experiences living in other places including Alaska and spoke about the children and grandchildren. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sister Cities

Abby McKinney, Lyndi Grubb, and Kathy Locke with Sister Cities
Abby McKinney, Lyndi Grubb, and Kathy Locke with Sister Cities spoke to Greenfield Kiwanis about the Sister Cities program that was established nearly 30 years ago between Kakuda, Japan and Greenfield.  The cities are both home to Kehin corporation facilities.  Kehin and the City of Greenfield subsidize the program and the trips.  Greenfield students and their chaperones travel to Japan in June and the Japanese contingent comes to Greenfield in August.  The groups are usually composed of 12 students and 3 chaperones.  The total cost for each person is about $3,000 but due to the generosity of the community businesses and the city governments the cost is reduced to about $850.  Students who are in need of additional reductions can usually receive additional help. 
In 2020 the program will celebrate their 30th year of exchanges.  They hope to commemorate this milestone with a sculpture in the Sister Cities park area near the Pennsy Trail. 
The program needs three things:
  1. Families willing to host Japanese guests each August.  If you are willing to host complete the application found at
  2. The organization hosts an annual 5K race and other fundraising activities.  They need participants in these events.
  3. Funds to subsidize the trips and programs.  To contribute go to

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Online Coffee Break

Chuck Fields, President of Spacetech Software, talked to Kiwanis about his podcasting venture, Online Coffee Break.  Podcasting is a free service that allows Internet users to pull audio files from a  Web site to listen to on their computers.  
Some of his podcast guests have included:  Andy Weir, Author of Martian; Laura Marie, Singer and Songwriter; David Cunningham, Movie Director; John Schneider, Actor of the Dukes of Hazards; and Scott Kelly, Astronaut. 
For more information or to listen to a cast go to

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Consumer Protection

Matthew Row, Outreach Coordinator for the Indiana Attorney General's office spoke to Kiwanis about various scams and consumer protection schemes and tools.
Row spoke about 4 scams that are currently be used.  
  • The first is the contractor scam where a person comes to your home and tells you he noticed you needed some work that he just finished at your neighbors.  He tells you he has enough material left over to do your home as well.  You agree, pay him, and he disappears.  Row suggests you call the neighbor.  Ask the contractor for id, a contract, a timeline, and only give a deposit of 1/3 of the cost.  Most scammers will refuse these requests and you should refuse them.
  • The IRS scam is a phone call supposedly from the IRS,  A request to settle a tax debt is offered at a discount if you get cash card and call them back.  The IRS does not call you on the phone to demand money.  They send you letters,
  • The Love Connection is a electronic media friendship request from someone who wants a relationship.  After a period of time they say they would really like to meet you but do not have the money for airfare,  Send them the money and you will never hear from them again,
  • The Grandparent Scam is one where a grandparent is targeted from information gathered from a grandchild's social media account.  You receive a call to bail them out of jail by buying a cash gift card and calling them back with the numbers,  Your grandchild is probably safely in bed. Don't send any money until you check out the story, 
In all cases ask questions.  Get details.  Get names, addresses, phone numbers.  
Row also talked about credit issues and freezing credit so no new loans can be started.  For more information on all of this contact or call 317.234.7100

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween Party 2018

Evie Chapman preparing for the party to begin!

Kiwanis Preident Gerry Smith in his costume.  He came as a Formal Apology!

Former Mayor Pat Elmore with a paper plate on her head as part of a party game where we had to draw items on the plate,

City Clerk Treasurer Lori Elmore, her brother and Mayor Pat Elmore celebrating Mayor Elmore's birthday and Halloween.

Winners in the paper plate contest Pam Hayes, Evie Chapman, and Lori Elmore.

The party committee Barb Kauchak, Marcy Hoffman, Julie Dishman,and Martie Crider.

Best costume winner Susie Broome, ready for the Bolshoi.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Kiwanis Projects

Club President Gerry Smith greets Treasurer Patric McClarnon.
Kiwanis Treasurer, Patric McClarnon reported on the financial results and distributions from the annual fundraising projects.  From 2012 through 2018 they raised $142,450 and we disbursed $140,785.  Fundraising projects include Easter Candy Carrots, Concessions at Butler and Indianapolis Indians, Poinsettia Sales, Plaza Entertainment Concessions, Santa's House,  Christmas Auction and members contributions through weekly collections.

Disbursements include over $29,000 to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis.  The club funds three Scholarships to Hancock County students in the amount of $1,250.00 each.  Other support includes Hancock Regional Hospital, $9,750;  Boys and Girls Club, $6,000;Meals on Wheels, $6,000; HCCF for Imagination Library, $5,000; Nameless Creek Youth Camp, $3,738, and Kiwanis International Foundation, $2,160.

The Club sponsors K-kids, Builders Club and Key Clubs in the Greenfield-Central Schools.  The club spent over $6,000 sponsoring the four clubs.

In addition to weekly collections of food for the Food Pantry and Butler Soup Kitchen, Kiwanis provided over $8,000 in direct cash support.  Additional cash collections are made by members at the holidays.  Birthday bags are special projects for the Food Pantry. 

Additionally the club has provided contributions to Mental Health Partners, Franklin Sports Park, Santa's Helpers, Cystic Fibrosis, Hancock Senior Services, Chirldren's Theater, HCCF- Women's Fund, Edelweiss, FUSE, G-C School Foundation, and other miscellaneous community needs.

Over $100,000 is invested with Hancock County Community Foundation to provide for the Robert Eagleston , Dr. William Griffing, and J.B. Stephens scholarships.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Zoey's Place

L-R:  Louise Thompson, Board member; Marciann McClarnon-Miller, Board Member;  Brent Eaton, Hancock County Prosecutor; and Detective Bridget Foy, Hancock County Sherriffs Office 

Zoey’s Place, a Child Advocacy Center, recently received a grant of $25,000 from State Farm Insurance that will help with the startup costs for the not-for-profit.   Bridget Foy, Detective with the Hancock County Sheriffs office spoke to Kiwanis about the center which would help children and victims of abuse to be in a friendlier environment than the lobby of a police station or a prosecutor’s office. 
Foy has 29 years of law enforcement experience and is currently an investigator.  She works with Hancock County Prosecutor, Brent Eaton who also shares Foy’s vision for Zoey’s Place.  The mission of Zoey’s Place is to minimize the trauma to child victims of sexual abuse and neglect by providing a centralized, safe and child-friendly facility where a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) conducts investigations and intervention activities.
The name came from Zoey Wagner,  a 1-year-old, who died three years ago after a short life marred by physical abuse.  Prosecutor Eaton explained that after the incident, officials pleaded with the public that if they saw something to say something.  The public responded and the number of calls about child abuse and neglect soared.   
Zoey’s Place Board members, Lousie Thompson and Marciann McClarnon-Miller, were also present.  Thompson mentioned that she was amazed at the number of incidents reported and investigated.  For additional information on how to help or donate to Zoey’s Place, contact Detective Foy at or call 317.477.1178 x3118.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

New Members and Spelling Bee Team

September 18 was a busy night for Kiwanis.  New members were inducted after which the membership went to the Hancock County Public Library to observe local spelling bee benefiting the Hancock County Adult Literacy Coalition.   Kiwanis sported one of the five teams. 

Mary Grossman, new Kiwanian with her sponsors Don and Marcy Hoffman. Gordon Grossman also joined but could not be present .

Bill and Penny Smith, new Kiwanians with their sponsors, Denny and Evie Chapman.
Charlie Shelby, new Kiwanian with his sponsors Denny and Evie Chapman.

Clara Starkey, new Kiwanian with her sponsors Judy and Joe Crist.  Clara was a member of the GC Key Club and served as Lt. Gov, of the Citcle K in college.
Greenfield Kiwanis Spelling Bee Team, Sue True, Ellen Manolopoulos, Sandy Miller and Coach Patric McClaren.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Hancock Health Foundation

Nancy Davis of Hancock Health Foundation (Formerly Hancock Regional Hospital Foundation) spoke to Kiwanis about the foundation and future activities.   Hancock Health and the hospital receive no tax dollars.  The foundation is a non-profit foundation that raises money to support specific hospital needs and community needs. 
In 2017 the foundation gave 22 scholarships to the community in the amount of $65.000.   Women Helping Women began 20 years ago to help pay for 26 mammograms.  In 2017, Women Helping Women helped 168 women with the $77.000 raised.  The Women Helping Women program will be held Oct 23, at Adagios.  The second source of funding is the golf outing which raised $44,000 for scholarships and other needs.
The foundation is a part of the successful campaigns to create the Anderson Women's Center, the Hospice program, and the Sue Ann Wortman Cancer Center.   Current activities are centered on Population Health including a new mental health initiative.    For more information see

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Talitha Koum Recovery Home

Donna Franklin, Treasurer, Friends of Recovery
Donna Franklin of the Talitha Koum Women's Recovery House in Greenfield spoke to Kiwanis about the house which will open this month at 527 East Main Street. Talitha Koum offers a recovery program for women eighteen and older who desire to live free from addiction.  Talitha is a home that will give women a safe, family-like environment to rebuild their lives and learn how to live sober.
Their goal is to help change the client's people. places and things in their lives.  The House will have 9 beds 2 of which are reserved by the Hancock County Courts and 2 of which are reserved for Hancock Health.   The residents will all be post detox stage.   All of the staff is taking counselling training under the direction of licensed counselors.   Residents will be Hancock County women who are over 18 years of age.  

For more information see

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

David Heller, Star of stage

David Heller, retired Principal at Mt. Vernon with Steve Burt, retired Weston Principal,

Dave Heller, a local retired educator and lifelong resident of Hancock County, entertained Kiwanis with various Hancock County facts and personal trivia.  Mr.Heller first appeared on stage in Greenfield in 1943 at age 3 and said his only other time on stage was at Ex Caliber in Las Vegas. 
Among the facts shared by Mr. Heller were the most common birthdate in Northern Hemisphere is September13 and in the Southern Hemisphere is March 13.  The least common birthdays in the United States are Christmas Day and the Fourth of July.
Harry Truman, President of the United States gave a speech in Greenfield in October, 1948.  Dave had to gain permission of his Republican father to attend.
Dave told us that at one time there were restaurants on every corner in Greenfield.  One, Faris  Lunch was a stag establishment that specialized in wet tenderloins and brain sandwiches.  He remembered that there were spittoons everywhere including the bank.  In 1958, Dave met his wife at Crider’s Drive In. 
Many notables were mentioned including the late Jack New who served as Chief of Staff for the Governor and was State Treasurer; Dick Strickland, grocer who delivered to your home; and National Defense Attorney Melvin Belli.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Kiwanians in Cuba 2017

Kiwanians Susie Broome and Sandy Miller traveled to Cuba in 2017 and shared pictures and reminisces of their trip with the Kiwanis Club on Tuesday evening.  They left in late January and returned early February, 2017.  They stayed in private residences that were outfitted for tourists.  Sandy stayed in a 4 bedroom home that had their two "house mothers" who took care of the breakfast, cleaning and provided happy hour.  Susie stayed in a separate home with 6 bedrooms a short distance away. 
They visited many sights in Havana as part of cultural visa program.  Among those are Hotel Nacional de Cuba, San Cristobal Paladar (restaurant), an architectural tour of the old Havana, a Catholic Cathedral, a Muslim Mosque, and the Revolution Museum. 
Only cars manufactured and purchased prior to 1959 are permitted to be privately owned.  Classic 60 year old US cars are tenderly taken care of and passed down in families.  These cars are available for tourists to rent as taxis and usually driven by an owner or part of the owner's family.
They visited many areas in Havana including an art colony named Fusterlandia and some towns outside of Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinadad.  They visited the Hemingway hotel and the Hemingway house.  They spent three hours at the Copocabana nightclub.  They noted the average Cuban is grateful to Castro for the educational system and healthcare he brought to the common man.  They summed up their trip with the quote, "Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind."

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Mayor's Youth Council

Elaine Hilton, President of te Mayor's Youth Council with City Liason Jenna Wertman

Elaine Hilton with Mayor Chuck Fewell
Elaine Hilton, President of the City of Greenfield's Mayor's Youth Council addressed Kiwanis and told us of the Council's formation, activities and progress.  Mayor Chuck Fewell asked former GCHS principal Steve Bryant to name 10 students to a Youth Council to advise him on the thoughts of younger citizens.  Mayor Fewell said one of his goals is to find out what Greenfield needs to make students to remain here or return her after graduation.

Miss Hilton noted the Council meets every other Wednesday each month.  One of their first activities was a survey of the high school students.  The survey turned up a desire for more affordable and healthy food choices as well as need for a rec center/sports center.  Jenna Wertman, Assistant director of Planning for Greenfield and the liaison to the Council noted that the city is trying to make surveys more inclusive by making sure they get to youth as well as other parts of the population

The Council helped to nominate new members for this year but has decided to include High School  faculty members suggestions as well.  .

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Hancock County Public Library

Barb Roark, Assistant Director of the Hancock County Public Library and Kiwanian
Bard Roark updated her fellow Kiwanians about the activity at the Library.  The youth summer reading program enrolled over 1,000 children who read over 800,000 minutes over the summer.  She noted that the Kiwanis Club of Greenfield began donating children's books 10 years ago to the Library and over that 10 years we have donated 818 books valued at $8,408.  The first book to be donated in 2008 was Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy.
The book was donated by the late Nancy King who was a Past President of Kiwanis. Kiwanians since then have donated children's books to the library in the month of their birthday. 

The Library is adding a new building in New Palestine to house the New Pal branch.  The new building will have a separate children's section and a larger meeting room.  The building will be owned by the Library rather the former space which was rented.   The children's section in Greenfield saw the large ship sail away and it was replaced with buildings for the children to play in including one labeled Dr. Rea Building in honor of the donor who provided money for the children's room and the New Pal building. 

The Friends of the Library will be conducting their book sale August 16-20 at the main library.

Kiwanis at Chamber of Commerce

Barb Kauchak and Diane Osborne man the booth at the August Greenfield Area Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Indiana State Archives

Jennifer Hodge, Indiana Archives, Director of Outreach and Education with Cheryl Bruns, Kiwanian
Jennifer Hodge, Director of Outreach and Education for the State of Indiana Archives spoke to Kiwanis about the operations and contents of the State Archives.  The Indiana Archives and Records Administration assists State and local governments in providing secure management of governmental records,  throughout the life cycle of records, including creation, use, storage, and disposition.
The Archives are located in former RCA Records at 6440 East 30th Street in Indianapolis.   
The different divisions include:

State Archives:The Indiana State Archives exists to provide for the protection of, and access to primary-source and historical documents, and those that contribute to Indiana's heritage.
Records Management:Records Management provides assistance in the management of important public records to State and local government agencies in Indiana.
Forms Management:The Forms Management Division provides tailored, cost-effective forms management solutions to State government, while providing a uniform, centralized repository for citizens and constituents.
State Imaging and Microfilm Laboratory:The State Imaging and Microfilm Laboratory provides cost-effective imaging and microfilming services to State government pursuant to standards adopted by the State of Indiana.
State Records Center:​The Indiana State Records Center provides State government with secure storage, transport and destruction of inactive records.
For more information you can contact Jennifer at

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