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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Greenfield Intermediate Collects Food

Greenfield Intermediate School K-Kids, a youth division of Greenfield Kiwanis held a food drive for the Hancock Food Pantry collecting over 2,000 pounds of food.  The food was delivered in 3 trucks by Greenfield Kiwanis members to the food pantry.   With previous contributions this brings the total that Kiwanis and Kiwanis youth collected to over 8,200 pounds of food as part of the the 40,000 pounds of food drive.

Picture 1:  Food collected at the Intermediate School

Picture 2: The PE Class that volunteered to help  load the food into the trucks.

Super Celebration

 Retta Livengood and Karen Kleine discuss the upcoming Super Celebration in Greenfield.
Retta Livengood, President of the Greenfield Chamber of Commerce, told the Greenfield Kiwanis about upcoming events for the Chamber and the Super Celebration in Greenfield for Super Bowl. 

In 2012 the Chamber’s goal is to engage their members more.  They hold monthly luncheons on the first Tuesday for all members.  On September 15 the Chamber will co-sponsor a “Taste of Hancock County” on the Courthouse Plaza.

Greenfield is a Super Celebration site for the upcoming Super Bowl on February 5.  Mrs. Livengood told of the activities which include a Super Indy Car, Super Celebration Party, Super 46 Fun Party, Football Helmet Art Project, downtown football planters, welcome centers, and free bus shuttle service.

The public is welcome to participate or volunteer in these activities.  For further information contact the Greenfield Chamber at   477-4188 or online at

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pastro David Woods Tells of Kenya

David Woods, Senior Pastor of Park Chapel Christian Church spoke to Kiwanis about his recent trip to Kenya and the missions that members of Park Chapel support. Pastor Woods presented a narrative with pictures of the trip to Kenya. The trip allowed members of the church to visit children they sponsor and to see a church that was recently built. The mission had three components, a school, a feeding station, and a church. Each sponsored child receives clothing, 2 meals a day and an education. Without sponsorships children can not attend school and many go hungry, Many of the sponsored children only eat when at school.
A child can be sponsored for $30 a month which pays for all their food, clothing and their education. Anyone desiring more information can contact Park Chapel church at 317.462.4513 or send contributions to Park Chapel Christian Church, 1176 E. McKenzie Rd.
Greenfield, IN 46140.
Pictured: Are from Left, David Woods, Senior Pastor, Park Chapel Christian Church and Kiwanis Program Chair, Sondra Gullion.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kiwanians tour food pantry

The Greenfield Kiwanis adjourned their December 13 meeting to the Hancock County Food Pantry on Blank Street in Greenfield where the members checked in as if they were clients and were given the tour of the facility as if they were receiving a monthly allotment of food.

The food pantry is one of the organizations that Kiwanis support with weekly food drives.  Several Kiwanis members volunteer at the food pantry.  

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kiwanians gather over 6,200 pounds of food for pantry

Greenfield Kiwanis members and their youth organizations gathered over 6,200 pounds of canned food, flour, sugar, detergent, toilet paper, toothpaste and other staples for the Hancock Food Pantry as part of the annual 40,000 pounds of food drive.  This is in addition to the weekly contributions by Kiwanis to keep the food pantry supplied with "birthday bags", detergent, soap, and canned goods.
Kiwanians gathered to load trailers and trucks with food for the 40,000 pounds of food drive.

Over 6,700 pounds of food were gathered.

Kiwanis members after unloading the food onto 8 pallets.  The group was supervised by Karen Kleine and Sondra Gullion who managed to avoid appearing in any pictures.

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