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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Elanco Global Hunger Initiative

Noel Paul, Global Leader Elanco Corporate Responsibility
Noel Paul, a Global Leader in Corporate Responsibility at Elanco spoke to Kiwanis about their Global Hunger Initiative.  The Initiative hopes to further the shared values of business values and societal values to enure nutritious food is accessible and affordable to all.   The Companionship cause is focused on supporting the bond between humans and animals. 
Elanco's charitable and philanthropic contribution over the last 10 years is $7,669,383 through the Lilly Foundation.  72 communities worldwide have been impacted through the food security program.  35, 605 livestock animals were funded through Heifer International.  1.3 million eggs were donated to 108,300 families across 5 states through 16 food banks in the United States.  For further information see

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Water Color Artist, Cathleen Huffman

Cathleen Huffman, Local Artist, told Kiwanis about Indiana's historic grain bins that she captures in water color paintings.  The oldest elevated  grain bins date to the 1850's are are wooden frame storage and were spaced about 10 miles apart adjacent to railroad tracks.   She completed over 60 water colors of grain elevators as part of her officially licensed Indiana Bi-Centennial legacy project and has been endorsed by Indiana Landmarks and Hancock County Landmarks.  For further information see

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Pioneer Cemeteries

Marciann McClarnon Miller, Hancock County Pioneer Cemetery Commission, informed Kiwanis of the status of the 92 pioneer cemeteries in the 8 townships in Hancock County. 
 The Hancock County Cemetery Commission was established in 2001. . The Hancock County Cemetery Commission is responsible for cemeteries where::
·         no funds or sources of funds for reasonable maintenance are available
·         a cemetery has suffered neglect and deterioration
·         the cemetery may be burial grounds for Indiana pioneers and/or veterans of an American war
·         the cemetery was established before 1850.The Hancock County Cemetery Commission was established in 2001 to restore and preserve pioneer cemeteries.
Although the Township Trustees are responsible for maintenance of cemeteries most can do no more than mow each cemetery 4 times per year.  Many of the cemeteries have stones that need repair which costs a  minimum of $200 per stone.  The commission receives only $1500 from the county but does receive money in grants from the Ninestar.
‘If you are interested in preservation of our cemeteries see the Facebook Page for the Cemetery Commision or see the Hancock County Governmennt  pages 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Plug Into Nature (PIN) CampMartha H

Martha Haynes, PIN Camp Director and Barb Kauchak, Kiwanis President-Elect
Martha Haynes told Kiwanians about the Plug Into Nature (PIN) Camp. that began in 2011 at Nameless Creek Youth Camp.  The camp serves 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Hancock County students.  In 2017, fifty students were served, 25 boys and 25 girls.  6 counselors, high school juniors and seniors assist with the camp  
The camp runs from 9 am to 4 pm, daily for one week. The camp begins the Monday following the 4th of July.  The camp consists of arts and crafts, nature hikes, organized games, songs, and lunch.  Each day a different specialist came to speak including a naturalist, outdoor cooking expert, and a fire safety expert.
For information about next year's camp contact Martha Haynes, Camp Director at


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Brandywine Creek Farms

In late 2015, Jonathan and Amanda Lawler began exploring the idea of turning their for profit farm into an organization that donates produce to the feeding the food insecure in their community.  They realized the need for such an operation after speaking with numerous organizations in Central Indiana.   After investing their personal finances into getting started, Jonathan and Amanda formed Brandywine Creek Farms. In our first season we grew 211 tons of produce, approximately 411,000 pounds.  BCF then partnered with Gleaners Food Bank, Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen and The Flanner House of Indianapolis and other organizations to assist with distribution.
In 2016 they grew over 420,000 pounds.  In 2017 they have 32,000 tomato plants, 14,000 pepper plants, 6,000 cucumber plants and after feeding the deer they have 800 kale plants left.  Brandywine has 4 locations ncluding urban farms in Indianapolis.  One third of their crop is donated and much of it is marketed at affordable access markets.  BCF partners with Hancock Regional Hospital to provide fresh, local produce at convenient locations at a reasonable price. To see times and locations go to
For more information on Brandywine Creek Farms go to

Hubert Nolan, Hope Center

Information on the Hope Center for Victims of Sex Trafficking was presented by Hubert Nolan at the July 25, 2017 meeting.  The center began its startup in March 2016 to support women recovering from being victimized.  They provide education, food, shelter and mental health services.
Hope Center is located on the grounds of the Marion County Home, formerly being used as a home for orphans.  Brookville Community Church along with Brandywine Community Church started sharing ideas and it has expanded to other area churches for professionals and volunteers to move forward. 
The center will house women ages 18 to 30 and provide counseling, education and training.  There will be computer training, complete greenhouses, a clothing boutique, beauty salon, coffee shop and pet hotel.
The advantages of the center will be used to assist these women not only with their restoration and transition, but will give them practical training and job experiences through the center’s working business and shops, helping prepare them for a better life.
The center will also assist women who are brought to the United States to become laborers in restaurants and massage parlors.  It is estimated that the United States will become the largest country in the world for this type of trafficking.
For more information on the Hope Center, please visit

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