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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

New Members and Spelling Bee Team

September 18 was a busy night for Kiwanis.  New members were inducted after which the membership went to the Hancock County Public Library to observe local spelling bee benefiting the Hancock County Adult Literacy Coalition.   Kiwanis sported one of the five teams. 

Mary Grossman, new Kiwanian with her sponsors Don and Marcy Hoffman. Gordon Grossman also joined but could not be present .

Bill and Penny Smith, new Kiwanians with their sponsors, Denny and Evie Chapman.
Charlie Shelby, new Kiwanian with his sponsors Denny and Evie Chapman.

Clara Starkey, new Kiwanian with her sponsors Judy and Joe Crist.  Clara was a member of the GC Key Club and served as Lt. Gov, of the Citcle K in college.
Greenfield Kiwanis Spelling Bee Team, Sue True, Ellen Manolopoulos, Sandy Miller and Coach Patric McClaren.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Hancock Health Foundation

Nancy Davis of Hancock Health Foundation (Formerly Hancock Regional Hospital Foundation) spoke to Kiwanis about the foundation and future activities.   Hancock Health and the hospital receive no tax dollars.  The foundation is a non-profit foundation that raises money to support specific hospital needs and community needs. 
In 2017 the foundation gave 22 scholarships to the community in the amount of $65.000.   Women Helping Women began 20 years ago to help pay for 26 mammograms.  In 2017, Women Helping Women helped 168 women with the $77.000 raised.  The Women Helping Women program will be held Oct 23, at Adagios.  The second source of funding is the golf outing which raised $44,000 for scholarships and other needs.
The foundation is a part of the successful campaigns to create the Anderson Women's Center, the Hospice program, and the Sue Ann Wortman Cancer Center.   Current activities are centered on Population Health including a new mental health initiative.    For more information see

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Talitha Koum Recovery Home

Donna Franklin, Treasurer, Friends of Recovery
Donna Franklin of the Talitha Koum Women's Recovery House in Greenfield spoke to Kiwanis about the house which will open this month at 527 East Main Street. Talitha Koum offers a recovery program for women eighteen and older who desire to live free from addiction.  Talitha is a home that will give women a safe, family-like environment to rebuild their lives and learn how to live sober.
Their goal is to help change the client's people. places and things in their lives.  The House will have 9 beds 2 of which are reserved by the Hancock County Courts and 2 of which are reserved for Hancock Health.   The residents will all be post detox stage.   All of the staff is taking counselling training under the direction of licensed counselors.   Residents will be Hancock County women who are over 18 years of age.  

For more information see

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