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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Capital Chords

The Capital Chords, a female barber shop quartet, serenaded the Kiwanis on Tuesday evening.  Beth Guzman is the lead; Peggy Adams, the bass; Cheryl Johnson, the baritone; and Sally Boothe is the tenor.  The Capital Chords are a part of the Capital City Chorus a group of 80 women a division of the national Sweet Adeline’s.  
Photo ID:  Left to right, Beth Guzman, Peggy Adams, Cheryl Johnson, Sally Boothe

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Downtown Greenfield


Joanie Fitzwater, Zoning Administrator with the City of Greenfield spoke to Kiwanis about the Downtown Greenfield Revitalization.  The revitalization effort is supported by grants and matching funds from several sources. 
The current planning efforts center around three areas:

1.      Structure Inventory
2.      Economic Strategy
3.      Land Plan
Fitzwater stated that we need to capitalize on what we already have.  She also stated that Historic Preservation is a goal of the revitalization but that does not mean the downtown will be a museum, it will remain a business district.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mental Health Partners

Kara Harrison, Executive Director of Mental Health Partners of Hancock County spoke to Kiwanis about their programs and fund raising efforts.
She thanked the club for their help with the Christmas Gift Lift project which served 496 Hancock County residents.
BCAP -- Behavioral Care Assistance Program is designed to provide financial assistance for behavioral care in the Hancock County Court System.  
Mental Health Partners also provides referral and training services.  Referrals are provided on mental health issues, providers, and education.  Training is provided to groups suicide prevention. 
Fund raising includes the Pennsy Trail Art fair and Music Festival.  This years festival will be June 29th and feature over 50 artists and 2 music stages. 
For further information call (317) 462-2877 or see the website .

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