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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Meet You Kiwanian

Pam Bennett was the Meet Your Kiwanian speaker this week.  Pam moved to Greenfield four years ago and recently opened Bennett, LLC, an elder law firm.   Pam previously worked as a defense attorney representing insurance clients.   She also volunteers at the Senior Law Project helping seniors on a pro bono basis.   Pam will lead an Advanced Directive (Living Will) session at the Hancock County Public Library at 10:30 A.M., Saturday, February 6.  The session is free and notaries will be available to allow participants to leave with a free living will.  For registration go to and scroll down to Make an Advance Directive (Living Will).

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Fairgrounds by 2019?

Darren Couch of the Hancock County Exposition board predicted that it is possible that the 2019 4-H Fair could be held at the new fairgrounds and Exposition center if the plans go as he hopes over the next couple of months.   The original 2003 project would have cost only $18 million to relocate the fairground to county owned property east of Greenfield.  That project died for various reasons.  The current proposal would relocate the fairgrounds to the same property as in 2003 but will cost $30 million dollars.   The new proposal would allow for the Horse and Pony Pavilion to be a part of the fair.  The new facilities would also include an exposition center  which could be used year around for other meetings and shows.  Couch emphasized that this proposal first and foremost about the fair and the youth of this county but not only about them.  

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

County Highway Engineer

Gary Poole, Hancock County Highway Engineer told Kiwanis about the operations and funding of Hancock Highways.  Poole, a Professional Engineer and graduate of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology said he was always concerned about salt, asphalt, and signage.   Hancock County has 686 miles of road with only 20 miles being gravel.  

Poole discussed the gas tax,car excise, highway funding, road ratings, and traffic.  The audience expressed their appreciation for the snow removal efforts last year and the departments effort to improve county roads

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