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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Purdue Extension

Megan Addison, Health and Human Sciences Educator for Purdue Extension spoke to Kiwanis about her work..  Her programs include:
·         My plate, a nutrition program
·         Captain cash, a third grade money program
·         Block parties, block play for children 3 to 8
·         I am moving, I am learning, encouraging children to move and make healthy food choices
·         Dining with Diabetes, for diabetics or those at risk for diabetes and their caregivers
·         Be Heart Smart, for individuals who want to learn more about preventing heart disease
·         Where does your money go, designed to help people better understand how they spend money.
·         Kindergaren 101
Kindergarten 101 is a pre-school program.  K101 helps prepare students for school in Hancock County with partnerships like that of Purdue Extension Hancock County, Greenfield Community School Corporation and organizations such as the Greenfield Central School Foundation, Extension homemakers, Retired Teachers, and Prairie Farms.
Students enrolled in this free program which took place July 13-17 leading up to the Fall semester experience a sneak peek at what school will be like from the day to day tasks and classroom lessons to cafeteria and school bus etiquette. Parents are encouraged to attend a parent night where a school staff member, such as a social worker, will go over school policies and procedures as well as answer any questions from parents.
For more information on any of these programs see the website, or call the extension office, 317.462.1113.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Match Day "Kickoff"

Kiwanians Mary Gibble, Marcy Hoffman, and Glenna Shelby kick off Match Day festivities that start Friday morning at 12:01 a.m. and run for 24 hours.  Money received will be matched for operating endowments and also qualify for a proportional share of  $80,000 of operating funds this year.

Out take #1

Out take # 2  Other right Marcy

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Tom Flanagan, Executive Director of Edelweiss Equine Assisted Therapy Center told Kiwanis about the 12 year old service to children and adults with special needs.  Edelweiss is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of lives of people with special needs. Through the rider and horse relationship they offer opportunities for people to nurture independence, confidence and trust in a safe and stimulating environment. The center is located on 100 South behind Covance Stall Farm.  

Edelweiss has clients from age 5 to 90 who are challenged with autism; physical limitations; and hearing, vision, and psychological challenges.  They have Therapeutic Driving, Therapeutic Riding, and Veteran’s programs.  Therapeutic Riding is about much more than giving people with limitations the chance to ride. It is more than the healing benefits brought by simply being outside in nature. The rhythm and balance of horse riding meet physical and internal needs.  Therapeutic Driving is about imparting knowledge of safety, horses, harnessing, and driving skills to children and adults using teamwork.  The Veteran’s Program assists military veterans by providing leadership and guidance for equine assisted activities. Classes and programs begin in May and continue through October.

Edelweiss has a $2,200 per week cost to feed the horses.  In addition many volunteers are need to assist in the therapy.  If you are interested in classes, giving financially or volunteering you can email them at, call 317.759.9444, or see their website

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Back Pack Attack

Greenfield Kiwanis and Walmart helped fill back packs for the United Way's Back Pack Attack.  Greenfield WalMart gave a $50 gift card to raise the total amount purchased to over $600.   From left two WalMart employees, Terri Beagle, Dave Crider, Mel Jackley, Jan Jackley, Judy Fisk, and Alberta Jackley.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Riley Children's Foundation

Kate Bonner, Associations and Radiothon Coordinator for the Riley Children’s Foundation spoke to Kiwanis about the Child Life program and the Kiwanis support for Riley Children’s Hospital.
The Child Life program seeks to minimize the stress and anxiety children often experience by using therapeutic and art activities.   Activities include:
·         Bedside activities
·         Child Life Playrooms on each floor
·         Pre-Surgery programs
·         Comfort and distraction during painful procedures
·         Educational programs
·         Special art and music programs
·         Holiday celebrations
Kiwanis has been a part of Riley Hospital for Children since 1919 when the Indiana Kiwanis District began fundraising for the hospital.  When the hospital opened in 1924, 1,200 children were treated.   In 2013, over 300,000 children received care.  139 children from Hancock County received inpatient treatment and 2,330 received outpatient services in 2013.
Kiwanis raised $150,000 in 1929 to build the Kiwanis K-wing.  In 1958 the Kiwanis Diagnostic and Outpatient Center opened.  In 1975, the K-wing was remodeled.  In 1991 the Indiana District made a $1 million pledge.  In 2004 Kiwanis first Mobile Intensive Care Unit was placed in service. In 2009, Kiwanis pledged $1 million for the “Path to a Cure’ for Diabetes research.  In 2013, Kiwanis pledged $450,000 to support the Child Life program.
Locally, Greenfield Kiwanis has contributed over $5,000 each year for the past three years to Riley in addition to private contributions from Kiwanis members.   For more information on giving to Riley go to  To find more information about Greenfield Kiwanis go to

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