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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Indiana State Archives

Jennifer Hodge, Indiana Archives, Director of Outreach and Education with Cheryl Bruns, Kiwanian
Jennifer Hodge, Director of Outreach and Education for the State of Indiana Archives spoke to Kiwanis about the operations and contents of the State Archives.  The Indiana Archives and Records Administration assists State and local governments in providing secure management of governmental records,  throughout the life cycle of records, including creation, use, storage, and disposition.
The Archives are located in former RCA Records at 6440 East 30th Street in Indianapolis.   
The different divisions include:

State Archives:The Indiana State Archives exists to provide for the protection of, and access to primary-source and historical documents, and those that contribute to Indiana's heritage.
Records Management:Records Management provides assistance in the management of important public records to State and local government agencies in Indiana.
Forms Management:The Forms Management Division provides tailored, cost-effective forms management solutions to State government, while providing a uniform, centralized repository for citizens and constituents.
State Imaging and Microfilm Laboratory:The State Imaging and Microfilm Laboratory provides cost-effective imaging and microfilming services to State government pursuant to standards adopted by the State of Indiana.
State Records Center:​The Indiana State Records Center provides State government with secure storage, transport and destruction of inactive records.
For more information you can contact Jennifer at

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Hancock County Senior Services

Hancock County Senior Services Board Member and Kiwanian Susie Broome, HCSS Executive Director Bob Long, HCSS Board Member and Kiwanian Diane Osborne, and HCSS Driver and Kiwanian John Witter  
Bob Long, the Executive Director of Hancock County Senior Services, told Kiwanis about the services and transportation provided by the organization.
Statistics for 2017 include:
  • 22,568 trips to 834 clients
  • 199,930 vehicle miles driven
  • 2,918.5 hours of homemaker time provided
  • 1,971 hours of Respite/Assistive Care provided
  • 672 hours of volunteer services
  • 48,999 informatin and referral contacts
 Bob related several challenges facing the organization in addition to the services provided.  For information on the services and volunteer opportunities see

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Hancock County Children's Choir

From Left: Emilia Grunden and Hailey Bruner, Choir members; 
Lisa Heady, HCCC Executive Director  
Lisa Heady, Executive Director of Hancock County Children's Choir (HCCC) told Kiwanis about the choir.  It is a choral performance and education program dedicated to create musical opportunities for youth through the performance of a variety of musical literature including classical, cross-cultural, folk, patriotic, pop, sacred, and secular genres of music.  Students in the choir are taught vocal production, diction, music theory, music history and appreciation, Solfege (sight singing), poise, stage presence, public speaking, and etiquette.  Our interactive programs instill valuable life skills, challenging our students to learn, grow, mature, develop self-confidence, and shine!
Emilia Grunden, a high school senior and Hailey Bruner, a sixth grader, both members of the choirs performed Over the Rainbow.
The choir raises money using October as the month of giving.  Each choir member is asked to raise $100 by garnering contributions or from work efforts for contributions.  The choir also receives corporate and personal contributions as well as grants and sponsorships,
For more information see

J. Evelyn Confections

Jayne Hoadley, owner of J. Evelyn Confections spoke to Kiwanis about her candies which are made completely by hand. We are located in the Greenfield Chocolates building. The business is at 15 W. Main Street, Greenfield, IN.  She began making chocolates in 2008.
Jayne spoke about the making of fine chocolates and different flavors of chocolate and other ingredients.  She specializes in truffles, caramels, toffee and assortment of other sweets.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Sister Cities Program

Back row left to right, Susan Geesa, Board member; Nikki Baker, Board Member, and Reuban McCracken, Math Teacher and chaperone.  Front Row, left to right; Megan Roberts, Student; MacKena Baker, Student;and Charli Stegal, student

Kiwanis heard from board members, chaperones and students who particpate in our Sisiter Cities program with Kakuda, Japan.  The Sister Cities program began in 1990 when Mayor Keith McClarnon traveled to Kakuda Japan to visit city officials and company officials from Kehin.  Since then over 300 people have traveled to Kakuda from Greenfield and an equal number of Japanese students have visited Greenfield. 
Each of the students related their experiences and impressions of travel and Japan..  One noted that her host family consisted of four generations living under one roof.  All complimented the Japanese culture of hospitality.  Another noted that they sat on the floor to eat.  All were grateful that many Japanese speak English better than they speak Japanese. 
For information on becoming involved with the program or to join their Facebook page go to 

Time to ReMEMBER

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