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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Meet Your Kiwanians

Barb and Bernie Campbell introduced themselves as the newest Kiwanians in the Tuesday Meet Your Kiwanian program.  Barb and Bernie are both natives of northern Indiana.  Barb is a native of Kewana and graduated from Rochester High School.  Bernie is a native of Gary Indiana and graduated from Merrillville High School.  
Barb had careers in Banking with Merchants Bank, Education with Mt. Vernon, and Technology with Mt. Veron before starting her current  career with an Educational testing organization NWEA.  Her first marriage was to a firefighter who was killed in the Indianapolis Athletic Club fire.  
Bernie graduated from Ball State University with a Business Education degree.  He taught and was later an administrator at Mount Vernon schools.  He met Barb while at Mt. Vernon schools.  They married and blended her family of 1 daughter with his family of 3 children.  
Both shared some of the adversities that they have been through in life which they believe all people suffer but they chose to be a survivor rather than a victim.  Both are involved in with the Community Foundation.  Bernie is the Volunteer Youth Board Coordinator with the Foundation,  He is also a member of the Hancock County Sheriff's Merit Board, and is a volunteer with Hope House.  They attend Park Chapel Christian Church.

Kiwanis Christmas Party

Scot and Karen Kleine in their Christmas finery

Michelle Spriggs and Donna Owen illuminated the festivities

President Barb Kauchak and Marcy presented Chresha with her Christmas present

David Crider displays his "prize lingerie"  he won in the charity auction

Steve Burt holds the last Easter Candy Carrot he "won"

Bernie and Pam Campbell were the most successful bidders in the charity auction.  Bernie is holding a nutcracker.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Greenfield Firefighters Cadet

Firefighters Corey Breese and Brett Towle 

The Greenfield Fire Territory Cadet program was established 10 years ago with 5 students.  Ten year later there are 17 students in the program representing students from all the county high schools.  Corey Breese and Brett Towle, firefighters from the Greenfield Fire Territory described the Cadet program and answered questions for Kiwanis,

The program begins each year during the first week of school and lasts until the last week of school with the Senior night program.  The cadets meet the first and thirds Thursdays of each month.  The program is an opportunity for the students to learn about the operations of the Fire department and determine if it might be a potential career choice. 

The cadet program is open to all students who are 15years of age or older, complete an essay, have recommendation from a teacher or guidance counselor,  maintain a 2.0 or better grade average, and complete an agility test.  The cadets train each month learning the use and proper location of equipment, how to take vital signs, and CPR.  They also train in search and rescue.  In May of each year the cadets participate in Hero competitions with other cadets.  Greenfield is currently the defending champion of the Hero Competition. 

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