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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

.James Whitcomb Riley Fence Painting

Youth from the Kiwanis sponsored Builders Club (Jr. High) and Key Club (High School) gathered Saturday morning to paint the fence at the Riley Home.  Students have been helping spruce up the Riley fence for a number of years in time for the annual Riley Festival.  Adult sponsors supervising the painting were; Doug Apple, Terry Beagle, Pat Parker and adult Kiwanians Jan Jackley, Scott Kleine and Karen Kleine assisted by the Parks Department. 
Those participating included Chelsey Parsons-Rose, Nicole Watson, Makenzie Horning, Kaylan Bacon, Ellie Roberts, Jacob Polson, Kristen Baran, Amelia Baker, Kayla Lee, Callie Richardson, Jan Jackley, Dana Woodworth, Nicole LaGue, Mary Hoffman, Brenden Gill, Sydney Burkhart, Ava Dickmann, Rachel Sherman, Jerich Johnson, Jacob Arland, Kayla Lee, Jacob Arnold and Jacob Borgmann-Bayrid.

Jane Cooney and Zero

Jane Cooney and Zero were introduced to Kiwanians by September program chairman, Pat Parker.

Jane Cooney, Math Coach at Harris Elementary, spoke to Kiwanis about “Zero, Her Hero”.  Jane received a Lilly Endowment, Inc. (Teacher creativity) grant to travel and learn more about the number zero.  While traveling, she posed with “Zero” a character designed by Jane and her students.  Zero wears a cape (all heroes need a cape) with over 300 zeros added by students at Harris Elementary.  She traveled to Italy, Greece and Turkey to study the influence of Fibonacci and how he influenced the evolution of numbers (especially the 0) used in math which influenced our own number system.  Jane is very excited about math and her excitement builds interest in her students and helps to make math and learning fun.

My Mission, My Town

Troy Griesmeyer was introduced by Pat Parker as guest speaker.

Troy Griesmeyer spoke about “My Mission, My Town” to the Greenfield Kiwanis.  In his day job as investment counselor at Edward D. Jones he found that he had outside interests but not a lot of time.  His church, Park Chapel, does mission trips out of the U.S. and also to other states but these too, involve time.  Liking the idea of helping others, he saw a need within his own community so with a friend began to help needy Greenfield people.  He makes a point that they do not do work and repair for those that can afford to pay for the services so as not to take away business from people who make their living from repair.  They help those that would have to do without or have it done free or not at all.  Soon the need grew and now he works with a group associated with Love Inc. to help his own town.

April Wood New Member

April Wood, one of Kiwanis new members, was the featured “Meet Your Kiwanian” for the month of August.  April told about her life, family and work.  April is the Assistant Manager and Mortgage Consultant at Flagstar Bank in Greenfield and wife and mother of two daughters.

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