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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hancock County in the Civil War

Joe Skvarenina, Hancock County Historian told the Greenfield Kiwanis about Hancock County’s role in the Civil War.  The County Historian is appointed by the Indiana Historical Society. 
Skvarenina related that Hancock County had 209 residents die in the Civil War.  The county was generally pro-union but there were some confederate sympathizers.  Among the Hancock county residents serving was James Whitcomb Riley’s father. Reuben. 
Captain Reuben Riley raised a group of volunteers to fight for the Union.  Riley was Captain of Company I, 8th Regiment, Greenfield Infantry, that participated in the battle of Rich Mountain Virginia.  During that battle Captain Riley received a severe concussion.  He was honorably discharged in 1863.
Skvarenina is the author of several books about Hancock County History including his latest book, Civil War Era in Hancock County Indian, coauthored with Sue Barker and Elayne Stewart. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kevin Harvey speaks about Estate Planning

Kevin Harvey of Allen, Wellman, and McNew Attorney is shown with April Woods Kiwanis program chair for April.

Kevin Harvey of Allen, Wellman, and McNew Attorneys, spoke to Kiwanis about basic estate planning.  Kevin has been with the firm for fifteen years and handles wills, trusts and estate planning. 
Harvey stressed that it is important to plan for situations we do not think are imminent.  He noted that none of us know what could occur tomorrow.  He outline the five important documents every basic estate plan should include.
1.       A Last Will and Testament that names the person or persons who will administer the estate and sets forth distribution and guardianship of minor children.
2.       A Power of Attorney empowers another person to manage out estate during any period in which we are mentally or physically incapacitated.
3.       Appointment of a Health Care Representative designates who will make health care decisions when we are unable to.
4.       Living Will.  A living will allows us to make decisions about how we wish for life support to be used.
5.       Declaration of Standby Guardian allows parents of minor children to designate a person to serve as guardian of minor children in the event of the parents incapacity or death. 
Mr. Harvey illustrated his points with stories that demonstrated the problems that occur when these documents are not in place at a time of need. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Llama Club addresses Kiwanis

Abby Ellenburg and Delanie Melton spoke to Kiwanis about their Llama Club and 4-H projects.  The club lost twenty-three alpacas in a fire that burnt down the Melton’s barn.  Animals from all over the Midwest were donated to get the club started again.  Some animals had to be purchased.  Purdue University Vet School gelded the males donated at no cost.  The club will have enough animals to show for the 2012 season thanks to the generosity of the community. 
The club needs halters, leads, brushes and food.   To raise money for this the club is planning an Italian dinner at the fairgrounds from 4 to 7 p.m. on May 6. 
Pictured from left:  Karen Kleine, Kiwanis President; Abby Ellenburg and Delanie Melton.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nameless Creek Youth Camp

Benny Eaton, Dorothy Gunn, Jerry Bell.  Mrs. Gunn presented the camp with a contribution following the meeting. 
Jerry Bell and Benny Eaton spoke to Kiwanis about the recent and planned renovations at the camp.  The camp established in 1951 is located approximately 6 miles southeast of Greenfield just southeast of the intersection of 600 East and 250 South. 
The camps mission is to create outdoor recreational and camping opportunities to increase the enjoyment of the outdoors and outdoor sports for all Greenfield and Hancock counties.   The main part of the camp has room for tents in addition to the three cabins with sleeping area for approximately 30 people.  Facilities include newly renovated men’s restroom/shower, newly renovated women’s restroom /shower, an accessible restroom, pavilion with several picnic tables, and a newly renovated kitchen.  Expansion plans include concrete pavilion flooring, concrete walks, and weather enclosures for the pavilion. Construction of a 30 camper bunkhouse and additional playground equipment is also planned.  A special fundraising campaign is underway to raise over $40,000 to complete these items. Annual individual and group memberships are available and include discounted use of the facilities.
Further information on contributions can be found on their website, or by calling 652-2033.

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