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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dick and Judy Laird

Dick and Judy Laird introduced themselves to Kiwanians on Tuesday evening.  Both grew up on farms.  Judy a small rural farm in South Carolina.  Dick on a farm south of Anderson.  Living on a farm instilled a work ethic that persists to this day.  

Judy decided she wanted to leave the farm and become a teacher.  She received her BS in education and went on to get a job in Florence, South Carolina while she pursued her Masters at Frances Marion University.   

Dick left the farm and received his BS and MS from Ball State University in Education.  He obtained a job teaching college level courses at Frances Marion University.  They had their first date in 1978 and were married in 1980.  Dick had a part time job selling insurance while he was teaching and soon found that he was making more from insurance than his full time teaching,  In 1980 they moved to Greenfield where he established a State Farm agency.  In 1990 he was honored for being one of the top agents in the country for selling Life Insurance.   

The Lairds have three children and four grandchildren.  They enjoy traveling.  

Hancock County Food Pantry

Sondra Gullion, Tom Ferguson, and Donna Owen. Sondra and Donna are among several Kiwanians who volunteer at the Hancock County Food Pantry.

Tom Ferguson, President, Hancock County Food Pantry told Kiwanis about food insecurity and the programs the Food Pantry is using to alleviate that in Hancock County. The Food Pantry was established in 1992 in the back of a home.  It has now grown to two leased buildings at 741 ½ South State Road 9.
One in six families is food insecure, meaning that they have no access to an affordable and reliable source of nutrition for their family.  One in three children in Hancock County is on free and reduced food programs at school.  The Hancock County Food Pantry’s mission is to secure and distribute food to the needy in an effort to alleviate hunger in Hancock County. The Hancock County Food Pantry is a 100% volunteer organization with over 100 volunteers. The Food Pantry is governed by a Board of Directors who meet bi-monthly.
The Food Pantry secures food and non-food essentials (toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, laundry detergent, etc.) through purchases and donations. The Food Pantry purchases about half of what is distributed at significantly reduced costs through food banks and other groups.  Donated items are received from individuals, churches, businesses, and organizations as well as the US Post Office Food Drive, the 40,000 Pounds of Giving, the USDA, and local grocery chains.
Additional programs have been implemented to assist various seasonal and demographic needs of our clients. These include:
1.      Summer Children’s Food Program – this program allows families with children to receive additional food while the children are at home during the summer months.
2.       Christmas Basket Meal – about 700 Christmas meals were given out in 2013.
  1. BackSack Program – the Pantry partnered with the Gleaners Food Bank to implement the BackSack program within our county school systems. The BackSack program provides packaged weekend meals to middle and elementary students with food insecurity. In the 2013-2014 school year, elementary schools in the Greenfield Central, Mount Vernon, and Eastern Hancock School Systems were served a total of 204 BackSacks per week.
  2. Commodity Supplemental Food Program – in 2013, we initiated, in collaboration with Gleaners Food Bank, Hancock County Senior Services, Meals on Wheels of Hancock County, Hancock Regional Hospital, and others, a program for seniors in recognition of their increasing need. We hear testimonies frequently about seniors having to decide whether to spend their limited income on food or medicines. This monthly program gives each qualifying senior 40 pounds of food in addition to their monthly distribution from the Food Pantry.
  3. Gleaners Mobile Food Pantry – we sponsor monthly Mobile Food Pantry trucks to the Fortville and Greenfield areas. These mobile trucks provide additional food for those with food insecurity. This program is funded by Gleaners Food Bank and the volunteer base is coordinated between the Food Pantry, Vernon Township Trustee, and area churches and service organizations.
  4. Fortville Shut-in Assistance Program – In 2013, we initiated a program in the Fortville area to assist shut-ins. This program is in collaboration with the Vernon Township Trustee and the Fortville Lion’s Club. Currently, about 13 shut-ins receive food monthly. Individuals from the Fortville Lion’s Club and others act as proxies for shut-ins and collect and deliver food from the Food Pantry to the shut-ins.
  5. Milk Purchase – In 2014, the Food Pantry felt led to and initiated purchasing milk to supply to each family, i.e., approximately 640 gallons per month. By doing this, the Food Pantry supplies the three basic staples: bread, eggs, and milk.
The Hancock County Food Pantry served an average of 649 families with food insecurity including 181 seniors each month in 2013. These numbers have increased annually in recent years and are up significantly from 2008. An estimated 800,000 pounds of food was distributed in 2013.  For more information see or call 317.468.0273. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Billy Shepherd, Mr. Basketball 1968

Martie and Dave Crider with their friends Billy and Connie Shepherd

Billy Shepherd, a member of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, 1968 Mr. Basketball, and ABA basketball player spoke to Kiwanis about his career.  Shepherd, a 1968 graduate of Carmel High School, was coached by his father, Bill Shepherd Sr.  While at Carmel, Shepherd scored 2,465 points. He ranked fourth in all-time scoring in Indiana and was a two-time All-State selection. 
Shepherd was recruited by Johnny Wooden to play for UCLA and by Tony Hinkle to play at Butler.  Shepherd chose to play for Hinkle and Butler.  Shepherds single season scoring average of 27.8 points per game and his career average of 24.1 points per game are still Butler records. Billy was named M.V.P. of the 1972 East-West College All Star Game.
From 1972 to 1975, Shepherd played in the American Basketball Association as a member of the Virginia Squires, San Diego Conquistadors, and Memphis Sounds.  He then went to work for Converse.  More recently Shepherd coached Muncie Central High School from 2003-2004 and then Marion High School.
Shepherd shared several stories about Wooden, Hinkle, and former ABA coach Wilt Chambelain.  Shepherd and his wife Connie have 2 sons and 2 daughters and reside in Carmel.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kiwanis Christmas Party

 Jim Shelby shows the Kiwanians the animated antler cap he won at the Annual Christmas Auction.

The Greenfield Kiwanis Christmas party and auction replaced the regular program.  The auction raised over $1,000 which will be distributed to local charities.  The committee of Marcy Hoffman, Julie Dishman, Carol Reddish, Donna Owen, Cyndi Kohne, Barb Kauchak, Sondra Gullion, Bob True and Sue decorated the tables and provided an entertaining auction.  The rubber chicken and chirping Christmas tree ornament did not return for this year’s auction.  Several boxes of candy and a yard long box of cookies were some of the nicer auction items.  A do it your self computer, dancing Christmas tree, and animated antler cap were also included. 

Kiwanis supports the four youth groups in the schools, Hancock County Food Pantry, Kenneth Butler Soup Kitchen, Hancock Regional Hospital Foundation and Guild,  Young Children Priority One, Hancock County Senior Services, Hancock County Literacy Coalition, Back Pack Attack, Nameless Creek Youth Camp, Relay for Life, and the Riley Children’s Hospital

Saturday, December 6, 2014

40,000 pounds of food

Jeanine Gray of Rotary and Becky Riley, President of Greenfield Kiwanis at the Kroger Parking Lot where Kiwanis and Rotary delivered their food collections for the 40,000 pounds of food.

From left to right:Steve Burt, Chris Norwood, Kevin Selmier, Mike Broome, Don Hoffman, Denny Chapman, Dave Crider, Dan Riley, Scott Kleine, and Jim Shelby preparing to unload over 5,818 pounds of food.

Hancock County Community Foundation

Mary Gibble, President and Michelle Leonard, Advancement Officer of Hancock County Community Foundation (HCCF) told Kiwanis about the You Give, We Match program.  The Foundation was established during the GIFT program from Lilly Endowment Inc.  In 1992 HCCF had assets of $2,394 which has grown to over $30 million dollars this year. 
Over $609,000 in grants were made this year.  Only $208,000 of that amount came from unrestricted funds. Unrestricted Funds allows HCCF to make grants in response to community needs.  The Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen and Greenfield Unit of Salvation Army benefited from the Unrestricted Grants. 
Lilly Endowment is offering up to $1 miillion to HCCF in a matching grant.  If you would like to participate in this matching opportunity contact Hancock County Community Foundation at 317.462.8870 or .

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