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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Tom Graham, Stiory Teller

Julie Dishman, Kiwanis President with Tom Graham
Tom Graham, a former realtor, shared his story telling ability with three stories.  The first was based on the experience of Jay Thomas when he was radio DJ in California and did a remote that involved Clayton Moore, the Lone Ranger.  The second story was of based on the recollections of a friend on the occasion of his visit to a reformatory to deliver Christmas food.  The third was a personal story of how his father won a bet on his racoon hunting dog.
Graham is also the author of a fiction book titled, Steal It Sam. 

Friday, December 13, 2019

2019 Christmas Party and Auction

Marty Crider with Auction Gifts

Kiwanians eating

Marcy Hoffman give Kresha a Christmas present

Pat Kohne won the bid on this unique Christmas decoration

Mayor Pat won a dancing Santa

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Santa's House and Elves

Dan Riley, helper and Tom Billings, Head of Santa's House

Kiwanis has been staffing the Santa's House since before 2004 when Tom Billings took over as the chairman of the Santa Clause House on the Court House Square.   Tom named many of the Santa's helpers from Kiwanis including Bob Gullion, Jim Polise and Dan Riley.  Other non-Kiwanians have also helped. 

Dan Riley discussed different aspects of the role of Santa's Helper and related personal stories from the past 10 years he has worked.  He also acknowledged elves who assisted that included Tom Billings and members of his family, Pat Kohne, Steve Emmons, Kathy Brackman, and Marilyn Derrickson. 

Tom shared pictures and letters collected over the past 15 years.  Santa's house will open Saturday, Dec 7 from 6-9 p.m.  It will be open 2-5 pm, Dec 8, 14-15 and 21-22.  It is also 6-8:30 pm Dec 13 and 20.  Photos with Santa are $5 with proceeds going to Riley Hospital for Children.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Honor Flight Participant Dave Crider

Molly Crider Belling with Dave Crider
Dave Crider accompanied his father Kieth Crider, a WWII veteran,  on the Inaugural Indy Honor Flight as his guardian,  This fall Molly Crider Belling, Dave's daughter, accompanied Dave, an AIr Force Veteran, on his Honor Flight.

Dave said the process began with an application and interview for both him and Molly.  They were notified he had been selected.  Dave and Molly shared pictures of their trip which started early in the morning in Plainfield Indiana where they were bused to the Airport for a trip to Washington. D.C.  They traveled in buses with police escort to visit the War memorials on the Mall and Arlington National Cemetery.   Dave endorsed the program and encouraged any veterans to consider it .  For more information on the Honor Flights go to

Monday, November 25, 2019

K-Fids Food Drive

Greenfield-Intermediate School food collection.

K-kids Food Drive picked up at Maxwell and Greenfield Intermediate Schools. Dan Riley loading the last box of K Kids donated food heading to the Food Pantry. 4 truckloads loaded by Dan Riley, Phil Hayes, Mitch Carl, Steve Burt, Don Hoffman, and Scott Kleine.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Riley Childrens Hospital

Amber Miller of the Riley Children's Foundation told Kiwanis about her experience as a Riley mom and about the Kiwanis partnership with the Hospital,

Amber's daughter, Cassidy, has been a Riley patient three times in the past 19 months,   Cassidy was recently treated at the hospital for croup.  Amber stayed at the hospital and used the Kiwanis Parent Komfort Kart (  She noted the cart needs volunteers as well as supplies such as travel size deodorants, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap and shampoo.  She noted they are currently out of blankets, fuzzy socks, and chocolate.

The hospital  has a 300 bed capacity and is currently at capacity,  The Newborn Intensive Care Unit  has 60 cribs and is consistently at capacity.

Kiwanis raised money for Riley before the hospital opened in 1924, and has been supporting it ever since.   The result is the hospital's K-Wing, Kiwanis Courtyard, Helipad, Helicopter, Elevator, Torch, Red Wagon Corral, Mobile Intensive Care Unit, and the Komfort Cart.

The Hospital and Foundation are currently engaged in a fundraising campaign to raise $175 million by 2020.  This will fund Pediatric Research and Care, Maternity and New Born Health, and Family Support Programs.
For more infiormation see
For more information on Kiwanis and Riley see

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Health Education

Linda Garrity, Community Education Coordinator for Hancock Health spoke to Kiwanis. Linda is a graduate of Mount Vernon High School and IU. She has worked for Hancock Health for 9 years,
Population health is a term used to describe ways to keep the community healthy. One of the programs that attempt to accomplish this is Better Choices, Better Health(R), a six-week program that attempts to help people deal with issues that lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes, COPD, and high blood pressure. Teaching people what they can do to make themselves better through setting goals, creating action plans and accountability reporting.
Another program, Know Your Numbers, helps community people be aware of their Cholesterol, Diabetes, and Blood pressure numbers from on the spot screenings.
Additional programs deal with Addictions, Alzheimer's, Baby Bump Club, COPD, Breastfeeding, Cancer, Caregiving, Greif, Multiple Sclerosis Parkinson's, Senior Social Wednesdays, Baby Car Seats, Safe Sitter, and Dementia, For more information or to register for a class call 517,468.4383.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Dr. Lori Sanford, Dermatologist

Dr. Lori Sanford with Julie Dishman, Kiwanis president,

Dr. Lori Sanford, a dermatologist at Hancock Regional Hospital and the VA Medical Center in Indianapolis answered questions about skincare and melanoma. She recommends skin checks and screenings to men over 50, people who use tanning beds a lot, and anyone with a family history of melanoma.
She recommends sunscreen lotion with an SPF of over 30 that is water-resistant and broad-spectrum.
She passed out a skin cancer self-exam guideline with the ABCDE's of melanoma. A is for Asymmetry where one-half a mole is different from the other. B is for border where the mole has an irregular or poorly defined border. C is for color where the mole varies from one area to another, D is for diameter where melanomas are usually greater than 6mm (the size of a pencil eraser). E is for evolving where a mole oir lesion is changing in size, color or shape,
For more information contact Dr. Sanford's office (317) 967-7921 or see the website

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Kiwanis Halloween Party

New Members

David and Karen Wise were welcomed as new members of Kiwanis by President Julie Dishman.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Nameless Creek Youth Camp

Martha Haynes, Director of NCYC Pin Camp, Julie Dishman, Kiwanis President; and Barb Kauchak, NCYC Board

Martha Haynes, Director of Nameless Creek Youth Camp PIN Camp spoke to Kiwanis about PIN Camp.  PIN stands for Plug Into Nature.  The purpose of the PIN camp is to provide third through fifth graders with the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors without any electronic devices. Students who participated came from all four Hancock County School systems. 
NCYC Volunteers clean the camp before the camp begins.  High School students serve as counselors.  New Pal United Methodist Church prepared the food. Ross Yoder provided a program on Stranger Danger. Fire Cadets provided gear for Fire Gear races.  Mozzi Pizza provided Pizza for the last day of Camp.
Activities included making tie dye shirts, swinging, jump rope, making bird houses, walking through the woods  Ga Ga Pit (like dodge ball), creating a banner with hand painting. Programs on recycling and reuse were provided.  A birder presented a program on bird identification. 
The actual cost per student is $100.  Each student's cost is $70 without any scholarships. Scholarships are provided on a need basis.  Kiwanis is a  sponsor.  If you are interested in providing sponsorship  you can contact the camp at 317-649-4154 or

New Members

LR: Sponsor,Tom Beagle; New Members, Marcy and Mitch Carl; Sponsor Terry Beagle

LR: New Member, Mary Watkins; Sponsors Kevin and Margaret Selmier

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Hancock Children's Library

Hancock County Public Library Employess:Kiwanian Stephanie Haines, Cathy Riley, and Kiwanian Barb Roark

Cathy Riley, Youth Services Manager at Hancock County Public Library spoke to Kiwanis about the services provided to children at the Library. Riley received her degree from Indiana State University, her graduate degree from Indiana University, and worked at libraries in Morgan and Tippecanoe counties before coming to Hancock County. She is a librarian as is her mother, father, sister, and her sister married a librarian.
November will feature a Teddy Bear Clinic, where a medical visit is simulated on the stuffed animal brought by toddlers, This helps the children to become acquainted with the procedures without the anxiety. 
Other programs include: Kidsville in conjunction with Greenfield Banking Company; Battle of the Books where children prepare for a quiz game; Story Time which occurs 8 times a week at Greenfield and 4 times a week at New Palestine; and School break special performances.
The Summer Reading program helps keep reading skills at grade level during the break and had a 66% completion rate.
Ms. Riley thanked Kiwanis for their birthday book program where a Kiwanian donates a book or books on their birthday. For more information of to see a schedule see

President-Elect David Spencer

David Spencer was installed as the President-Elect of Greenfield Kiwanis by President Julie Dishman

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Riley Festival

Terry Beagle,Kiwanian and long time Riley Festival Board Member with Anita Turner, Past President and Director Riley Festival.
Anita Turner, Past President and current Director of the Riley Festival spoke to Kiwanis about this weeks upcoming Riley Festival.  Anita serves a an Assistant Vice President of Greenfield Banking Company and has served on the Festival Board of Directors since 2005.

The Riley Festival is Indiana's largest four day festival celebrating the life of the Hoosier poet James Whitcomb Riley.It will be held in  downtown Greenfield, on October 3-6, 2019.   It began in it's current form in 1969 making this the 50th Anniversary of the Festival.  The Festival has exhibits and contests in Photography, Home Arts, Quilts, Fine Arts, Poetry, and Baking.  In addition we have a Queen Pageant and a Little Miss and Mr Riley Festival Pageant.  There are two parades.  The first is a parade of flowers on Friday, October 4 at 12:30 p.m. in which hundreds of school children place flowers at the statue of James Whitcomb Riley on the Hancock County Courthouse plaza.  The second parade features bands, floats, dignitaries, and the Festival Royalty.  It starts at 11 am, Saturday, October 6, at the Greenfield-Central High School and proceeds through downtown Greenfield. 

Four entertainment venues will provide free entertainment beginning Thursday and ending Sunday.  For a complete schedule of all Festival activities and entertainment go to

New Officers and Directors Installed

New officers from left to right; Glenna Shelby, Vice=President; Julie Dishman, President; Patric McClarnon, Treasurer; Gerry Smith, Immediate Past Presdient; and Sarah Mohr, Secretary  Not pictured David Spencer, President-Elect.

New Board of Directors from left to right;Pam Hayes, Michele Spriggs, Diane Osborne, Carol Reddish, Martie Crider and Kevin Selmeir.  Not pictured, Judy Crist and Drew Mulligan

Charis Center

Dr. Laura Boggs from the Charis Center told us about eating disorders and treatment for those working through these issues. The Charis Center is located on the northwest side of Indy, but is a part of the larger Riley Hospital. There are several disorders that the Charis Center treats including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating. Although genetics and societal views can be factors, many of the patients the Charis Center helps have emotions that they don’t know how to deal with. People with eating disorders use food as way to have some control (controlling how much or how little they eat, etc.). Treatment of course varies from patient to patient but can include in-patient, out-patient, having a parent or guardian control all of the food (the patient can’t go into the kitchen), and ensuring the family has a kitchen table and eats meals together among others. The Charis Center has a friends and family support group. Since the 1930s, the number of people affected by eating disorders has been growing, but this may be partially because it is becoming more known so more people are being diagnosed. However, the funding and research dollars are much less for eating disorders than other diseases receive considering the number of people affected. About 30% of those who receive treatment, will be in recovery for the rest of their lives while about 10% will lose their life to these diseases. Females are more likely to have eating disorders, and adolescents and young adults are more likely to have eating disorders compared to other age groups.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Spell Bee Team

Kiwanis Spelling Bee Team; Patric McClarnon, Ellen Manolopoulos, Sandie Miller and Sue True

The Hancock County Adult Literacy Coalition had its annual adult spelling bee Sept. 17 to raise money for college scholarships. The Kiwanis Team spelled for three rounds and then allow Psi Iota Zi to win.  
The coalition’s 31st Annual Spelling Bee will be held at the library’s Greenfield branch and is co-sponsored by the coalition and the library. Businesses, charitable organizations, churches, schools or any group of four people can form a team, which is comprised of three spellers and a coach.
Money from the spelling bee is used to fund the Peg Strickland Scholarship for students who have earned their high school equivalency diploma at the Hancock County Learning Center and are pursuing a secondary education degree. Students range from teens looking to get their education back on track to adults seeking help to re-enter the workforce.
The Hancock County Learning Center is operated by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development in conjunction Warren Township schools’ Walker Career Center. Instruction is offered in Adult Basic Education, reading, math, writing, high school equivalency

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mindfulness and Creative Imagery

Katherine Murray, Hancock Regional Hospital Hospice Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator spoke to Kiwanis about using Mindfulness and Creative Imagery to reduce the effects of stress and enhance your sense of well being.  Classes are offered on Mindfulness from 1-2 pm on the first and third Fridays of each month.  A class on Guided Imagery is held from 1-2 pm on the second Friday of each month.  For more information contact Katherine at 317.468.4124 or

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Hancock County Community Foundation

Mary Gibble, President of the Hancock County Community Foundation, spoke to the Kiwanis club about the foundation.  The foundation is 27 years old and has over 300 funds totaling over $40 million dollars.  100 of the funds are scholarships for Hancock County Students.  The Greenfield Kiwanis club has three scholarship funds.  In 2018 over $1.4 million was granted from various funds. 
The Foundation also has unrestricted funds to take care of community needs. Three programs are currently funded by these unrestricted funds: Level Up for local non-profits; Excellence Academy and Y-GIVE (Youth _ Granting, Investing, Volunteering and Engaging), a youth program.
The foundation also is involved in education for all age groups.  The foundation provides funds to each of the four school corporation educational foundations in addition to the 129 scholarships provided to the students The foundation provides non-traditional adult learners with scholarships in partnership with LINK.  Early Childhood Literacy is accomplished through the Imagination Library program in partnership with the Dolly Parton foundation.  The program provides high quality, age appropriate, reading materials to registered children from birth to kindergarten,  They receive 60 books in conjunction with the Hancock County Public Library.   An endowment fund will fund this program forever.  Currently $1.9 million of the goal of $2 million has been raised for Imagination Library.  1,578 babys and toddlers are currently enrolled in the program.  For more information on the foundation or giving to a fund go to


Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Fill a Truck Fill a Pantry

Bring canned goods or other non-perishable food items to club Sep 10 or 17.

Bring your food to the Walmart Parking Lot on Sep 21 from 10 am to 3 pm

Bring a cash contribution to buy food to club Sep 10

Volunteer to load, unload or sort food on Sep 21.  
Click here to sign up to volunteer Sept 21 at Fill a Truck
and follow the directions on the sign up page

4-H Youth Development

Brian Greer, 4-H Youth Development Educator with Kiwanis Vice-President David Spencer

Brian Greer, 4-H Youth Development Educator with the Purdue Extension spoke to Kiwanis about the programs offered and how they operate.  Brian came to Hancock County from Blackford County in May of this year.  He held the same position in Blackford County for 3 1/2 years.

Brian noted that most people upon hearing 4-H think of the Fair.  He said the Fair is the showcase for what the 4-H youth have been doing all year long.  He also noted many automatically think of animals and agriculture when hearing of 4-H.  70% of 4-Hers do not live on a farm  The only requirement for membership is that you enroll in at least one project.  There are over 60 projects to choose from including Arts and  Crafts; Bicycle; Cake Decorating; Collections; Entomology; Legos; Rocketry; and Woodworking.

To find out more see @HancockCounty4HIndiana at Facebook, visit webpage or e-mail

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Read Up Program

Jeannie Roberts, Community Coordinator with United Way of Central Indiana spoke to Kiwanis about the Read Up Program. 
Jeannie thanked Kiwanis for our work with the Backpack program. She noted the program might be changing and she would keep us informed.
The Read Up program is 13 years old and is in its 11th year in the Greenfield-Central School system. The program matches volunteers with schools to promote a love of reading and help increase literacy skills for students who are struggling to achieve grade-level reading. The program is offered at Harris, Weston, and J.B., Stephens elementary schools. 
The volunteers work with 2 3rd grade students for 30 minutes each. The goal is for each student to have 50 Read Up sessions throughout the year. A one-hour volunteer training session is provided. Trained tutors help students with phonics and vocabulary and ask the student questions to help with comprehension. 
The goal of having third-grade students at reading level helps to assure academic success. It is said that from Kindergarten to 3rd grad a child learns to read and from 4th grade on reads to learn. If you would like further information about volunteering at any of the schools may call Jeannie Roberts at317.414.8288 or sign-up at

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Membership Recruitment Meeting

Membership Committee Judy Laird, Kathy Medved and Judy Crist

Prospective Members: Deenna Batton, Mitch and Nancy Staples, Dave and Karen Wise, Mary Watkins,and Marcy and Mich Carl
Prospective members were introduced to Kiwanis.  The committee of Judy Laird, Kathy Medved and Judy Crist provided an informational meeting to inform prospects about Kiwanis.  Susie Billings spoke about the 551,000 adults and children who make up Kiwanis International.  Julie Dishman about the Enthusiastic, Givng, and Fellowship we enjoy.  Patric McClarnon spoke about the projects we do to raise money for our charities.  He mentioned the largest contribution we make is to Riley Hospital for Children.  Clara Starkey spoke about why she is a Kiwanian and how she joined Key Club while in High School, continued in college as a Circle K member and joined our club after college.  Prospective members are:Deenna Batton; Mitch and Nancy Staples; Dave and Karen Wise; Mary Watkins;and Marcy and Mich Carl.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Greenfield Mayor Chuck Fewell

Mayor Chuck and Kristen Fewell

Mayor Chuck Fewell reported on recent City of  Greenfield events and accomplishments at the Tuesday Kiwanis meeting.

  • The Sister Cities exchange group from Kakuda is here now.  Next year will be the 30th year of the Sister Cities Exchange program started by the late Mayor Keith McClarnon.
  • Greenfield with partner Fortville received Stellar City designation.  The two will share over $15 million dollars in grant funds.
  • The city will use part of the Stellar funds to build an all-inclusive park for challenged youth at the Franklin Park baseball fields.
  • The Riley Park Aquatic Facility pool was revitalized over the winter and two new water slides were added.  In addition, the pool was modified to include a zero entry pool which allows easier entry without steps permitting those in wheelchairs to utilize the pool. The pool renovation is in addition to the splash pad that opened last year.
  • The Mayors Youth Council will again be functioning with projects under the direction of Planning Department Associate Jenna Wertman,
  • Zoning code is being revised and permitting is being updated to make it easier to get permits.
  • Redevelopment along Pennsy Trail in the downtown area is being planned to include an amphitheater and new residential and commercial areas.
  • The Art Council has obtained a grant for a Historical Marker for Will Vawter.  A statue of Vawter is in the exploratory stages.
  • In the Industrial sector BWI opened with about 150 employees, Yamaha Precision Propellers broke ground for a new design and production facility, and Avery Dennison doubled the size of their facility.
  • New Home Construction continues throughout the city
  • Workforce development is being planned

FOOD DRIVE September 21

Help Fill a Truck to fill our Hancock County Food Pantries and the Soup Kitchen.
The Drive will take place SEPTEMBER 21 2019  AT WALMART PARKING LOT



Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Scholarship Winners

Scholarship Winners:  Esther Michael, Emma Walker and Leah Jacobs
Kiwanis awards three scholarships in honor and memory of three former members: J.B. Stephens, Robert Eagleston, and Dr. William Griffing.  The three recipients of the scholarships were introduced to the members on Tuesday, August 6.

Leah Jacobs, is a Senior at Purdue University who is studying Agriculture Education.  She has been active in FFA and spent time this summer shepherding FFA members around Washington D.C,  She is the recipient of the J.B. Stephen scholarship in Education.

Esther Michael is a recent graduate of Greenfield-Central High School and will be attending Taylor University.  Esther was a volunteer at Hope Center Indy which helps trafficking victims. She is interested in pursuing business and social entrepreneurship.  She is the recipient of the Robert Easgleston scholarship in Business.

Emma Walker is a graduate of Mount Vernon High School and is a student at Anderson University where she is pursuing  her BSN.  She obtained he CNA while in High School.  She helped obtain bedding for families and volunteered at Lifeline.  She is the recipient of the Dr. William Griffing scholarship in Science.

The scholarship review committee is composed of Cheri Burrow, Ellen Manolopoulos, and Glenna Shelby.


Over 50 Kiwanians and guests attended the Summerfest outing at Indiana Grand Casino and Race Track on Tuesday, July 30.  They enjoyed a good lunch and a good time.  Phil Hayes was the winner of a contest and was awarded his own horse.  ( pictures will be posted at a later date)

Monday, July 29, 2019

Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy

Troy Joslin is the Director of the Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy in Knightstown. This national program has 50 sites in 28 states & 1 US territory and serves at risk youth/high school dropouts ages 16-18 through the National Guard. It is a 17.5 month program: during the first 5.5 months, cadets stay at the Old Soldiers & Sailors Home (the only site in IN) in a military-style environment; during the second 12 months, cadets have a mentorship. There are 1800 graduates in Indiana, and after the program, 36% pursued further education, 26% were employed, and 2% went into the military. The voluntary program includes 40 community service hours and educational classes (GED, college courses, and/or vocational classes). There are 2 groups per year starting in January and July with an average class-size of 100. Funding is provided (75% federal & 25% state), so no cadet or their family needs to pay for this program. Cadets create an action plan for how they want life to be after the program.

Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy is always hiring and looking for volunteers to be mentors for the cadets.For more information see

Kiwanis Shoppoing for Back Pack Attack

Kiwanians Carolyn Helgason, Stephanie Haines, and Terry Beagle shopped for the Back Pack Attack.  Thanks to them for loading the van to load the school bus and thanks to Walmart for their contribution.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Hancock County Tourism and Visitor Center

Brigette Cook Jones,Executive Director of Tourism

Brigette Jones, Executive Director of Hancock County Tourism spoke about current activities.  She began by discussing what is promoted as Tourism destination in addition hotels and festivals.  She pointed out retail destinations such as the state's largest Hallmark Store,;Restaurants such as Carnegie's and the Wooden Bear; Lark Ranch, and Tuttles' Orchards are also promoted.
Some of the events that are promoted in a variety of media are; The Gem and Jewelry Show;The Hancock County Fair; The Riley Festival; Winterfest; Summerfest; and the Octagon House.
Tourism assists multiple organizations with grants to assist organizations to advertise their events or to help with equipment or facilities that are visited.
For more information on funding or events see

Steve Ingram, Past Indiana District Governor

Steve Ingram, Past Governor of the Indiana District visited the Greenfield Kiwanis on Tuesday to inform us of the upcoming District meeting in August and the Key Leader retreat this fall.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Don Munden, Crime Watch

Lt. Don Munden, Shift Commander Hancock County Sheriff Dept.
Lt. Don Munden of the Hancock County Sheriff's Department spoke to Kiwanis about the Crime Watch program.  Lt. Munden stated, " When citizens take positive steps to secure their own property and neighbors learn how to report suspicious activity around their homes, burglary and related offenses decrease dramatically.."
Crime Watch groups receive information on:
  • Target hardening
  • Observation skills
  • Reporting Suspicious Activity
  • Terrorist Awareness and Preparedness
  • Identity Theft & Internet Freaud
  • Parking lot safety
  • Travel Safety
If you are intersted in creating a crime watch group or want further information see or contact Lt. Don Munden

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