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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Part Fun

The Marcy Hoffman Pine Costume

Our Nameless Creek Marcy O'Lantern
A rich witch and a customer seeking a cure for his football team

The best witch ever
Do these make my hair look gray?

Five finalists of the trivia contest won by Dr. Jordan

Costume Prize winners

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

HRH Foundation and Cancer Center

Nancy Davis, Executive Director of the Hancock Regional Hospital Foundation and Sherry Lawrence, Nurse Navigator in the HRH Oncology Department told Kiwanis about the foundation and the new Cancer center. 
The HRH Foundation helps fund and endow health related programs for the hospital and community.  The hospital receives no tax money and writes off substantial amounts for charity care each month.  In the past, the foundation helped to fund the Critical Care expansion, the James T. Anderson Center for Women’s Health, and the Rex Pasko Hospice Fund.
The Hancock Regional Cancer Center, scheduled to open in 2015, will house everything related to cancer treatment in one place, enhancing the current services.  The center will provide radiation and chemotherapy so that patients will no longer be required to travel to other cities for daily treatments.
Indiana ranks 10th in deaths due to lung, colon, uterine, and pancreatic cancers.  Currently the oncology department serves 770 patients.  The case load is growing between 30-40 patients per month.  In addition to treatment the hospital offers CAT scans for anyone who has been a smoker for 30 or more years, smoking cessation classes, and mammograms.
For more information on the foundation, cancer center or making a gift contact Nancy Davis at 317.468.4106 or mail to:
Hancock Regional Hospital Foundation
801 North State Street
Greenfield, IN 46140.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Young Children Priority One

Theresa Lueder, Director of Andis Womens and Children's Unit of Hancock Regional Hospital told Kiwanis about the Kiwanis International Program, "Young Children Priority One" (YCPO).  Lueder also serves as the hospital’s Director of Clinical Education.  YCPO is supported by the local Kiwanis club. Young Children Priority One focuses on children prenatal through age 5 through four areas:
  • ·         maternal and child health
  • ·         child care and development
  • ·         parent education and support
  • ·         safety and pediatric trauma
The local club prints information sheets, purchases folders, and assembles new parent folders distributed to each new parent.  So far this year 284 babies were born at Hancock Regional. 
The folders include information on avoiding shaken baby syndrome, providing a safe sleeping environment, and proper use of car seats.
YCPO club chair, Terry Beagle expressed her gratitude to local attorney Tom Billings for his help and the Walgreens for providing the folders at their cost.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Meet Your Kiwanian

Bennie and Brenda Eaton presented the Meet Your Kiwanian program on Tuesday.  Both Bennie and Brenda were born and raised in Oklahoma.  Bennie’s childhood was spent on a family farm.  The farm is a homestead from when Oklahoma became a state.  Bennie shared pictures of him on the tractor at age 5, with his first gun at age 6, and with his first horse.  His education included an eighth grade class of only 4 students and a high school graduating class of 25.  He went on from that small school to attend Northern Oklahoma Junior College, Oklahoma State, and Kansas State.  He moved to Greenfield to be a part of Eli Lilly and Company and later Dow Elanco.  He retired from Dow in 1999.

Brenda told the Kiwanians that her experience was similar to Bennie’s, but in her town she went to school using a car and not a horse.  While studying English and Library Science at Oklahoma State, she met Bennie.  She taught in Perry, Oklahoma while Bennie completed his education.  When they moved to Greenfield she taught English and Journalism at Knightstown, Eastern Hancock, and Greenfield-Central.  She retired from G-C in 1999.

Bennie and Brenda have a son and daughter and 6 grandchildren. 

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