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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Julie Dishman, New Kiwanian

Julie Dishman, who recently join Greenfield Kiwanis, spoke to the club about moving from the Bloomington area where she was born to Indianapolis,  growing up on the north side of Indianapolis, her move to Hancock County and her family.   Julie is a real estate broker.  She and her husband Bill who reside in Greenfield, have six children and nine grandchildren. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sen. Gard addresses Kiwanis

State Senator Beverly Gard spoke to Kiwanis about her past twenty-four years of service in the Indiana State Legislature.  Sen. Gard has represents District 28 in the Indiana State Senate since 1988.  She held leadership positions on the Energy and Environmental Affairs Committee, Indiana Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, Environmental Committee, and Environmental Quality Service Council.  Sen. Gard is not seeking re-election this fall.

Sen. Gard observed that technology has changed dramatically since she began her tenure in 1988.  The legislative bill draft process was almost entirely paper in the beginning and is now done almost exclusively on computers.  Communications with constituents consisted of letters, telephone calls and personal meetings in 1988 and is almost entirely e-mail today.  Committee and sessions activity was held in public meetings in 1988 but only members of the public who saw it were the ones who were present.  Today committee meetings and legislative sessions are streamed live on the internet and archived for review later.   Sen. Gard believes this has made the process much more open and transparent than when she first started serving. 

Sen. Gard was an active member of the National Council of State Legislatures allowing her to meet with policymakers from other states and nations.  She described many of those interactions and felt that it had contributed to her effectiveness as a Senator.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

HCCF Match Day

Mary Gibble, President, Hancock County Community Foundation with Jaris Hammond

Mary Gibble, President of the Hancock County Community Foundation told about the foundations 20th anniversary program, Match Day.  Kiwanis viewed a video about the foundation after which Mary explained the Match Day program.
The Match Day Program allows 11 Hancock County organizations to have their contributions matched by the Community Foundation for one twenty-four hour period.  On July 24, 2012 starting at 12:00 midnight until 11:59 P.M. the foundation will receive contributions to be designated to one of the 11 organizations.
The eleven organizations are:
Love, INC of Greater Hancock County
Hancock Hope House Homeless Shelter
FUSE (Families United for Support and Encouragement)
Edelweiss Equine Assisted Therapy
Hancock County Food Pantry
Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen
Meals on Wheels of Hancock County
Nameless Creek Youth Camp
Boys and Girls Club of Hancock County
Mental Health America of Hancock County
Neighbors Against Substance Abuse (NASA)

To make a credit card donation to one of these organizations visit on July 24 or contact the Hancock County Community Foundation at 317.462.8870 for further information

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hancock County Community Foundation Women's Fund

Michelle Leonard, Marketing and Outreach Director of the Hancock County Community Foundation told Kiwanis about the Foundation’s Women’s Fund.  The Foundation, in its twentieth year, has over 200 funds with more than 18 million dollars.  The income from these funds is used for grants and scholarships in Hancock County. 

The Women’s Fund is a vehicle driven by a circle of women and girls committed to strengthening Hancock County communities.  The fund is a membership fund open to any woman or girl over the age of 16 who makes an annual financial contribution to the fund.  Girls between ages 10 and 16 may be sponsored by a female adult members.  The fund addresses the issues of education, childcare, arts, family support programs and other needs and issues that affect women and families of our community.  Recent grants include donations to the Safe Families program and to Kindergarten 101.

The fund has a fundraising event on August 24, 2012 at Blue Fall Art and Event Center titled “The Power of the Purse”.   Anne Ryder, TV Journalist and writer will be the speaker.  The event will  feature Hors d’oeuvres, a silent auction, and a raffle of a “Premiere Purse”.   For further information on the event or to make a contribution to the fund, contact  or call (317) 462-8870.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Officers for 2012-2013

Greenfield Kiwanis elected new officers for the 2012-2013 year.  Scott Kleine will serve as President.  Susie Billings will be President-Elect.  Becky Riley will be Vice-President. Paulette Richardson will be secretary.   Patric McClarnon will be Treasurer. New Board members will are Sharon Harper, Jill Null, Tom Clevenger, and Denny Chapman.

Oscar Pineiro Plays Violin for Kiwanis

Greenfield Kiwanians were privileged to hear Oscar Pinerio, a rare and talented violinist.  Oscar was born in April, 1996 in Spain.  He began playing the violin at age 6.  At age 8 he was chosen to attend the Academy for Gifted Children in Bonn, Germany.  At age 9, he became youngest “Jungstudent” ever accepted into The Cologne University of Music in Germany.  

In 2006, 2007, and 2008 Oscar received the Juventides Musical Scholarship, sponsored by Queen Sophia of Spain.  In 2007 Oscar received the Royal Academy Scholarship in London, England. At age twelve, Oscar came to study at the Jacob’s School of Music at Indiana University.  He then attended Julliard School of Music in New York.  Oscar continues to study in Chicago under the direction of Russian viloinst Ilya Kaler.

Oscar appeared on numerous television and radio programs in Germany and Spain.  In 2006 he won the Teresa Raval Foundation competition in Madrid.  In 2007 he placed second overall on Spain’s version of America’s Got talent.  In 2008 he was awarded a Klotz violin by Germany’s Musikleben Foundation.  In 2010 he received a scholarship to attend the Brevard Music Festival.  He also received a scholarship to attend the Jascha Heifetz Symposium.  In 2011 he performed at the Aspen Music Festival and had his solo debut with the Columbus Symphony.  He is currently considering attending DePaul University in Chicago.

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