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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Greenfield Kiwanis Donates $5,000

The Indiana District of Kiwanis International made a commitment to Riley Hospital for Children, to raise one million dollars to support the Riley/Wells Research Center for pediatric diabetes.  At the Kiwanis Convention Sunday, August 14, 2011, the Greenfield Kiwanis Club presented a check for $5,000 to 2010 Governor Elaine Cummings-Bullard.  Sondra Gullion and Karen Kleine from the Greenfield club presented the check.  It was the largest amount given from any Indiana club.  The donation was made possible from the sale of Kiwanis Easter carrots.
        Indiana Kiwanis clubs have provided funding for many projects throughout the years.  Indiana District Kiwanians believe in ‘serving the children’ and this contribution is meant to help children by finding a cure for Pediatric Diabetes through research.  In the past ten years there has been an alarming increase in the number of children with diabetes.  Each year, more than 15,000 youth are diagnosed in the US and is one of the most costly chronic childhood diseases

Rick Roberts Arts Council

Jim Cherry, Kiwanis program chair of the month, introduced guest speaker Rick Roberts.

Rick Roberts spoke to Kiwanis about the new Riley Spring Concert Series that will be announced soon.  Nine Star is sponsoring the series which will begin in mid-April and run into May and held at the Ricks Theatre.  Three different vocal or musical guests will perform.  Flyers and mailers with dates and artists announced will be sent later.

Nine Star Connect

David Spencer, Marketing Executive and Matt Layton, Security, from 9 Star Connect, spoke to Kiwanis recently.  David told about the evolution of 9 Star and of the services they provide and Matt showed Security Systems available from 9 Star.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Don Gard, Meet Your Kiwanian

Don Gard was the featured "Meet Your Kiwanian" at a recent meeting. He told about his life and family. His guest for the evening was son David Gard.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Food Resource Bank

        John and Megan (daughter of John) Kube spoke to Kiwanis recently.  John spoke about Elanco’s involvement with the Food Resource Bank.  He told that over one billion people go to bed hungry every day.  Through teamwork with the Resource Bank, companies and individuals can help provide needed food.  The group tries to increase crop productivity through education.  They are fighting hunger by collaboration with countries that need help and are teaching better methods and techniques for farming.  The Bank has helped over 100,000 families over the years.  Jim Cherry (Kiwanian and Hancock County farmer) farms 50 designated acres of farmland with the produce going to support the Bank.

        The Kube’s visited one of the sponsored areas in Bolivia in February.  Megan showed pictures of the beautiful mountainous area and the people and told of their visit.  Rather than giving a handout, the group teaches how to improve production so as to become more self-sufficient.

Kirsten Clevenger, Physical Therapist

Kirsten Clevenger, Physical Therapist, spoke to Kiwanis recently.  Kirsten has a degree in Physical Therapy and Physical Education and spoke about fall prevention.   Fall prevention is important at any age but especially to people 65 or older as 60% of fall-related deaths occur among people 65 and older.  More than one-third of adults 65+ fall each year.  The causes range from unsafe living environment, medications, muscle weakness, and vision problems to balance problems.  Prevention can begin with a regular exercise program.  Balance and coordination exercises should be included in any program to help strengthen and improve the ability to prevent falls.  The program should be approved by a doctor before beginning.  Vision should be checked and making the home safer by keeping the floor free of items that can cause tripping (paper, books, shoes and small throw rugs) should help.  Home areas should be well lit.  Hand rails on both sides of stairs and good lighting on all stairways is important.  These are just a few of the suggestions given to improve safety for any age.

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