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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Meals on Wheels

Lynda Kosh, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels and Michelle Spriggs, Kiwanis MOW Coordinator
Lynda Kosh has been Executive Director of Meals on Wheels since May, 2019 spoke to Kiwanis about the program.  Kiwanis provides drivers for a route each Tuesday

In 2019 Meals on Wheels (MOW) delivered 25,000 meals in Hancock County.  The program started in Hancock County in 2001.  70-81 people are served each weekday and 48 receive weekend meals.
It is hoped that the number of nutrition related hospital visits can be reduced by providing meals on a daily basis.

Along with the meal delivery the volunteers reduce social isolation by providing someone to visit with the clients.  The delivery also allows the volunteers to assure that the client is able to answer the door to receive the meal.

2 meals, one hot and one cold can be delivered each day for $7.50 or $5.00 for the hot meal only.  Subsidies based on income are available, 55% of the clients are on a subsidy.   The meals are prepared and packed at the hospital.  Service is provided to Shirley and Wilkinson 3 days a week.
There are no age restrictions for Meals on Wheels.  Currently the youngest client is 29 years old.  Doctors can write a script for meals that meet dietary restrictions.

The program is supported by United Way and fundraising.   For more information on  the program or to apply for meals see or call 317-477-4345. 

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